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  • hey man nothing much :) just kinda been on and off lately..alot to do with the site and stuff reviews all over the place its been tight schd..but im glad your back though..i mean your right u werent on that much either :p
    Nice! I just got my X3210 up and running! :D I'm doing some burn-in tests to make sure everything's seated right. I hope to GOD it is, because this thing is a BITCH to fit into a Mini P180!
    Good job! If you need fans quick those Dynex 120's are rebadged Yate Loon mediums. I think you should get a couple Silenx's.

    Waiting for my other half of "wake up" and its about done. Nicco-feine :p
    Dark2009, i need a opinion from a advanced user like yourself, i am in doubt about what core i7 board to purchase, i'm between EX-UD5 and P6T DLX V2, which one should i go for?
    =/ I'm sooo getting sick of this e5200 it ain't funny bro. needs too much voltage and half the time doesn't run as stable as I hoped.
    Bigger memory amount is important to SMP Clients, witch I use 768Mb per client. For GPU Client I use 256Mb. Using bigger amounts doesn't affect the performance. I did try already.

    The only settings that gives more or less performance @ the GPU client are: priority - use low, and cpu/gpu usage - use 100%.

    I don't know witch cards are you folding at the moment, but OC gives some extra help. Folding OC is not like gaming OC. Don't try to compare them. All I can say is patience. Use rivatuner, don't OC mem. Concentrate in shaders.

    Change the values, run the console. When you start getting UNSTABLE_MACHINE. Go back. That's your limit.


    Most inexpensive you can find? Best I can think of is the Sammy on the egg that has free shipping.
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