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    Epson is making you throw away your ink cartridges with 20% of the ink still in them.

    ive used ciss systems (continuous ink supply system) for years with my epsons, changed to the in cartridge type in last year, works superb costs nothing to print and print. ink runs low just fill them up again, Epson even tried selling there own version of it obviously stupidly overpriced tho.
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    FX-8370 and Asus 970 Pro Gaming Aura LN2

    Thanks Johan45 , I meant that the 970's are usually the cheaper boards usually with 4+2 , 8+2 or 12+2 (or 2x 6+1) usually on more higher end boards, but even so some suffer terrible vdroop (I went though a lot of 9 series boards on different builds..lol)
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    FX-8370 and Asus 970 Pro Gaming Aura LN2

    I'm shocked that 970 chipset pulled that off, reason I changed to the 990fx sabretooth was because the asrock 990fx e3 I first had died at a rather modiest oc, could never keep voltages stable tried a gigabyte 970 wasn't too bad but went weak as you pushed on. nice work FlanK3r 8Ghz+ on 4 cores.
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    Opening Devices and Printers in Control panel takes a while

    have had the same problem for ages, along with edge hanging,not going back and generally being annouying to be honest windows 10 feels abit beta to what we usually would expect from Microsoft even the big update didn't seem to do much. I think a lot of windows 10 issues are because bills not...
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    AMD "Zen" Processors to Feature SMT, Support up to 8 DDR4 Memory Channels

    heres some benches from my 8350 at stock and at 4.5ghz with a comparison on the i7-6700k 13% difference multi thread at stock and the 8350 is afew Years older, also my system has a lot of dev stuff running on it plus mssql many instances etc Stock AMD 8350 4Ghz vs i7-6700k 4ghz stock AMD 8350...
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    NVIDIA Talks Vulkan, Supports it on "Kepler" and "Maxwell" GPUs

    AMD announced the release of there beta today http://support.amd.com/en-us/kb-articles/Pages/Radeon-Vulkan-Beta.aspx because Today the Khronos Group announced immediate public release of the open standard and cross-platform Vulkan™ 1.0 graphics API As a complement to OpenGL™, descended from...
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    I've made an artwork website please rate

    maybe look in to using bootstrap, very easy to use , your site/page will look clean and its mobile first so will scale to look good on mobile automaticly, it will also accelerate your html learning, very easy to embed youtube, your own videos, pictures and fancy addons are a lot easier to...
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    Star Wars Battlefront Giveaway

    I'm in, nice giveaway
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    AMD Super Pi History To Be Rewritten, Courtesy The Stilt

    i thought that was assumed from my previous post, is working fine, score went from 19.4s to 16.1s
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    AMD Super Pi History To Be Rewritten, Courtesy The Stilt

    i did have 8.08 @ 4.7ghz now getting 8.16 after applying and patching intel compiler. 4.7Ghz cpu/nb 2600 ht2600 ddr1866
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    AMD Super Pi History To Be Rewritten, Courtesy The Stilt

    doesnt seem to work with Asus Sabertooth R2 with Piledriver 8350 latest bios 1708, Status Outdated (Bios Update recommended).
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    Intel Powers the World's Fastest Supercomputer, Reveals New HPC Technologies

    someone was bound to ask..:laugh:
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    AMD FX-9000 Series Processors Available For Pre-Order

    thats got to be a website with wishful thinking and overcharging for pre orders, AMD FX processors havent seen those price levels since A64 and the original AMD FX when amd where bitch slapping intel. even die hard AMD Fans wouldnt pay that on a chip where we can just about reach those levels...