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    Hi Dolf i need the iso file for the Sapphire X800GTO AGP card please, i hope you still have this old mod. thank you
    Hey Dolf,
    I heard abt u from Bryan. I use a Sapphir X1900XT 512 card.Now facing some artifact problems.And sometimes my game crashes and windows shows msg ur GPU recovered from a failure. and sometimes game hangs with windows and I have to restart. I used all kind of drivers I got. Then I tried to flash bios.But it ended badlyand wasn't booting.But somehow I reflash it with a bios from Techpowerup forum. Now my card is back but it shows 1900series card. So,what can I do to improve my cards performance. Will upgrade bios to XTX help.is there any good bios that's most stable and give better performance. and another question, do I have 1.1 ns chip in my card? Thanks for your help in this nice post. I would really appreciate your reply. Thanks again.

    I was wondering if you have any idea if theres a bios that can be flashed for my new card. I had an x800gto that came unlocked at 16pipes which just died 2 days ago out of the blue. I picked up off ebay a new x800xt aiw pal version for fairly cheap considering I only needed something that would last til I build my own system with pcie. However, upon starting the computer up with it and checking it out in ati tool, ive found it to have only 12 pipes though EVERY place I checked on the card that listed its specs online said it came with 16 pipes. Its got the r420 core and has the xt clocks at 500/500 and I can jump up to about 518/540ish, but id really like those extra pipes if possible. Heres the readout from the lines with atil tool:

    config die fuses 0xEFF7FFFF
    config substrate fuses 0xFFFFFF9F
    config rom fuses 0x20
    gb pipe select 0x3FE4

    Please let me know anything you know.
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