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  • dude, noone posts in their own visitors thing! to respond, you're supposed to do it on the other person's page! like facebook :p
    oh :p
    I forgot to post:D
    Yeah, I think the virus was implanted inside my data drive's system volume informaton folder.
    I copied all the data to my C:/ drive in ubuntu and reformatted my data drive. and now it'is going fine:D
    thanx for asking!
    I just thought i should let u know, www.pcint.co.za are reliable and cheap as well. Cost me 3400 including delivery which is alot cheaper than pc zone. They have a 4870 1gb for 3000 including delivery and they delivered the processor in 2 days
    I tried that but it makes everything go transparent :( I just need the white part of the logo to disappear but for the rest of it too stay as dark as it is
    put it on a new layer, and find the opacity tab thingy in the layers sub-window. and drag is to make it transparent
    Lol maybe you can help me out with something here, how would I get rid of a logo's background? E.G. I want to get rid of the black background on the intel logo I have, is there a way I can make it transparent while making the rest of it non transparent?
    Well done! Lol i dont think i can beat that just yet. U gonna enter the compo to win the 4890?
    hmmmm, I tried this
    If you can beat that, sure! make one for me then:D
    I would like to have any thing related to my username and my rig...
    Would you like me to make you a sig to the best of my ability? If u do, tell me what you would like in it.
    Yo dude! I have an e2180 that im wanting to sell, maybe with an ecs motherboard as well if i can get enough funds for another one. It will be 600 for the processor and 1000 for both, im still in talks with the gf but let me know if u remotely interested. Enjoy yr day man.
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