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    [FS] SanAce 1011 Fans (120mmx38mm) 103.5CFM

    IIRC Denki's will work all the way down to 5v so throwing these on a sunbeam Rheobus (for example) would give you a VERY nice combo! these fan's are definately in the top of the class :respect: GREAT fan's for LC or even on a HSF :rockout: bump for some SWEET fan's and good price's :toast:
  2. intel igent

    Zalman Intros ZM-RHS90 VRM Heatsink for Radeon HD 4890, HD 4870

    the HR-03 (any model) can be mounted in 2 orientation's to facilitate crossfire/SLi ;) you can mount the cooler on "top" of the card or "below" the card....
  3. intel igent

    Foxconn ELA P45 Mobo any good?

    p45 should be good for 500fsb on any board no?
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    Is the Sapphire 4890 Vaporx for sale yet. Where

    is there any BIOS editting software for these 4890's? i wouldn't do it myself but i'm shure there are people with more knowledge and ballz than me? :laugh:
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    Zalman Intros ZM-RHS90 VRM Heatsink for Radeon HD 4890, HD 4870

    IMO Zalman is a cheap company they always use the cheapest material's possible and charge the highest price's :o but people keep buying there product's :confused:
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    4870 vs 4890.

    :laugh: playing the waiting game in the PC world is USELESS! there is ALWAYS something new around the corner ;) buy what you want/need now and be happy. :toast:
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    Farcry 2

    being on foot make's it more interesting IMO i like the grenade launcher/sniper rifle/PKM combo myself :o
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    Zalman Intros ZM-RHS90 VRM Heatsink for Radeon HD 4890, HD 4870

    thermalright has something coming out soon as well ;) Thanks for your mail. We have the solution for the HD4890 just now. Our T-RAD² and HR-03GT are both compatible with the layout of HD4890/4870/4850, but for high-end VGA like HD-4890/4870, they will need a special VRM kit which we just...
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    4870 vs 4890.

    sapphire 4890vaporX also has native HDMI ;) that was the selling point for me :toast:
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    AMD HD 4890 Design Contest Submissions

    http://www.techpowerup.com/contests/AMD_HD_4890_Design/submissions/hd4890_152.jpg i like this one :)
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    Video card tree

    maybe even check out gpureview.com :laugh: hat i wish that was the case :D :toast:
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    Farcry 2

    everything that you guy's are complaining about here is what i like about the game :laugh: i don't do the MP thing and i'm about 43% through the SP game and it just get's better IMO :o i think this is better than FarCry.... :toast:
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    My Modded Antec 900

    it's like an orgy for my eye's! :pimp: thnx for some ideas CD :respect: hope you don't mind if i use them some day? :o the channeling you used for the side window does it lock the window in? like a pick-up cap style? if yes where can we find some? i have never come across any :( guess a...
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    32 bit vs 64 bit: How it relates to video cards

    Can setting GFX aperture size in BIOS to a smaller figure reduce this effect? I have always set mine to 64 :confused:
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    Samsung Reveals First Ever 32 Gigabyte DDR3 Memory Module

    This is amazing! 32gb on a single module is just freakin nutz! This can only mean good things for the rest of the computing industry, can't wait for the day when we have this tech on consumer machines :toast: