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intel igent
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  • Been good the usual bs with family and stuff but ill survive. good to see ya around was beginning to think youd gone forever and left me with all the dills here lol. :p
    hey, man, howya been?

    ain't seen ya around here much recently.

    I'd send ya a PM, but yer damn mailbox is full! :p
    true - but there are a few well-respected users here who will rethink their stance if you present a case clearly enough . . . I'm just amazed, though, it had gone on for that long . . . too much emotion, not enough logic - Mr. Spock would not be proud of TPU the last few days :p
    'sup, man - been alright, just dealing with the pitfalls of real life . . . you know how that can be at times . . . sometimes there's just not enough krupnikas in the world to keep all the deamons at bay :ohwell:
    Hey man, did ya make it to that meet this weekend? How come no pics since ya got your revo :), What's it look like now? Let's see some scars :rockout:

    I heard about another hs that only deals in rc's so I'm gonna check em out. They are supposed to have a rather large inventory so it could be interesting :cool:

    ya doing jumps like this yet?
    Youtube jump vid

    more vids if ya havn't seen em...
    some say i am, but i dont think so.... sure i love girls and i can get multiple gfs, etc. etc. but im not a cold hearted slut :p
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