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  • I would love to put my Avatar back on, but it was removed by the mods because it kept derailing threads.
    That avatar is breasts. I mean, rack. I mean, hot damn!...Great...I meant great. :p
    Ready for a Ivy Bridge or Bulldozer upgrade in this time next year
    Well using a Pentium 4 and integrated graphics slows me down a lot compare to people out there. :D
    I love it. It is pretty beastly. I am ready to upgrade to a new board and DDR3, but I am trying to hold out to see what Bulldozer brings to the table, then I will decide Bulldozer or Sandy Bridge. How have you been?
    Haven't talked to you for a while. How's everything going?
    Saw you upgraded to HD6870 Crossfire. How is that one for u?
    Just seen one of your recent post's... can I use it to quote in my sig?

    Ok. I well be the first to admit that I am old...but what does "these look pants" mean? Good or bad?
    IDK. My buddy sent it to me as a background for my DroidX, but I chose to use it here instead. :D
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