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  • hmm maybe ill drop by soon, still using mussles teamspeak? im a little busy..got a wedding ceremony for relatives comming up as well as buying my first home at 300k :O i do know ill be playing D3 when its out, ill see if i can get on this weekend
    whats shaking nooblet, we need to get back into playing something some time with pvtcaboose and mussles
    Hey are you on Skype or MSN? Also I'm Mlee and code 540 for SC2, add me and we can play when your on.
    Hyea J, hope you enjoyed SWTFU. I know I did. :)
    Howd ya like tossing them jawas into the sky? lol, was it not priceless?
    I could do that for hours..
    wow time for a visitor message update since the last one was like 6 months ago of lameness. pwnt
    sorry man , but if you have been following the post and flames ...it the old days we didnt have the net nor the net on our phones. again sorry!
    And why the heck don't you have any visitor messages? Their like tattoo's, your cooler when you have more! :roll:
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