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  • Yea, I'm not familiar with that board or processor but that NB volatage does seem a little high...I Didn't add any voltage to my NB at all...but from what I've seen and in my experience 1.5v is not going to hurt these CPU if you keep the duration of it down...Paul and Wile E will tell you about electron migration witch happens when you have high voltage for a long period of time regardless of heat...Heat doesn't really seem to be the issue with these chips rather than the high voltage. I my self would not take Vcore over 1.55 for any means what so ever. But yeah I would get with kei about that. I'm sure he has some really good advice to over you with that.
    Well that's good...I just keep mine @ stock clocks/voltage for 24/7 use but when im benching or gaming I bump it up. The highest I've taken mine is 3.8 @1.5 but my temps where still in the high 30s so I could probably go 4ghz if i wanted to...just haven't done that yet...ill get around to it though. System looks amazing btw I really like the white cathodes. :toast:
    I'm loving it man. Not letting me get as high as I would think but I wasn't expecting too much with my K9A2 Plat motherboard. No NB multiplier option and crappy voltage choices (high increments). My max bootable is 3.8, max 100% stable so far is 3.5Ghz at 1.47v. Full load never breaks 48c. For 3.6+ it requires a lot more vcore which I'm not comfortable with yet.
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