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Jul 15, 2008
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Dec 6, 2008
    1. Jrob
      actually im been working on a TOD modification for Crysis, I sorta drop the Warhead config until Crytek fixes the streaming bug, and memory leaks. The TOD mod is about 50% done...im going to take it slow and make it perfect:)
    2. ShadowFold
      Where ya been man? Workin hard on a Warhead config :p
    3. dipsta
      Dude i could really do with your help, as you seem to have a good idea about crysis,
      I am having major problems with my setup running the game.
      My system is q9300@3412mhz, 4gb ram, 2*4850s in xfire at 16*+4*pci

      Right, im getting around 10fps@ 1024*768 and 8@1280*1024, its really annoying as im managing to get 17k in 3dmark 06 and 12k in vantage.

      Right so i have crysis and patch 1.2 and your hack. and im using the 8.8 cat drivers but i have had no luck,
      ihave uninstalled everything, back to bacsics, defragged, then used drivercleaner, then used cccleaner, then restart, then installed 8.8 then restarted then installed, crysis, then restarted, then patch then restarted then your hack then restarted. and still a shit fps?

      what am i doing wrong?
      Any help greatly appreciated.
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    Q6700, 8800gtx sli, 2x150 WD-Raptors

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  • System Name: Cooler Master
    Processor: Q6700
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    Cooling: zalman
    Memory: Corsair Dominator pc-8500
    Video Card(s): XFX 8800 GTX 768, sli
    Storage: WD Raptor 2-150gb, array-0
    Display(s): dell
    Case: cooler master cosmos
    Software: Vista ultimate