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  • A couple of sites do some great reviews of the card.


    That does a benchmark test which speaks volumes. As well as http://www.tweaktown.com/reviews/5158/sapphire_radeon_hd_7870_xt_tahiti_le_2gb_with_boost_overclocked_video_card_review/index2.html

    The card is a very decent card. I am running crysis 3 maxed out (EXCEPT I took AA down one notch because in heavy battles it was having a bit of delayed response.) I am running it on a 24inch LG, full HD 1920x1080 so its a decent res too.

    I also play a bit of far cry 3 and the card destroys that game maxed out xD
    Same with Diablo 3 (But this is not obviously an extremely graphical game- When compared to Crysis 3 anyway =P)

    On other notes its very quiet (even under load) and its power draw is quite reasonable.
    Only thing is the price is a bit steep in Australia =\
    Its a fair machine..I haven't found anything that even makes it break a sweat yet..except for crysis 3 which looks incredible on highest but has a slight delay in game play =( so if I take AA down one notch it works great.

    What else do you wanna know? xD its incredible!Good buy!
    Eu frequento o Criminal Cafe, que tem menos usuários mas tem um nível bem seleto, e visito a Fusion raramente.

    Adrena eu não curto muito, e o CDH é burocrático DEMAIS!


    Não tinha visto sua mensagem até hoje, mas também compartilho sua idéia de unir os brazucas do TPU hahaha


    PS. Frequenta algum fórum BR?
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