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May 13, 2010
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http://www.twitch.tv/badashgames Aug 11, 2015

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    1. remixedcat
    2. vziera
      1. remixedcat
        Sep 25, 2014
    3. FreedomEclipse
    4. remixedcat
    5. de.das.dude
      whats this rukia stuff?
    6. Peter1986C
    7. Peter1986C
      Nice avatar, you should consider using it on GN too. ;)
      A "roaring" kitten, heheh.
    8. FreedomEclipse
      what do you know about boosted antennas?
    9. remixedcat
      1. dorsetknob
        Adguard has blocked access to this page

        This web page at 15647b.bodisparking.com, has been reported as a phishing page and has been blocked based on your security preferences. ???????????? whats with this :(
        Jul 4, 2016
    10. FreedomEclipse
      Its doin good :3
    11. FreedomEclipse
      Pretty good so far. my internet surfing experience runs a lot smoother. I think i will put the Edimax for sale when i get out of bed. ive no use for it anymore.
    12. FreedomEclipse
      I do love how easy it was to setup. Only a few clicks and its live. The whole ui is very detailed too compared to the other range extenders I've used in the past. Lastly one thing that confuses me a little is what looks to be a green LED on the side of the unit when range extending is active. I thought it would light up but it doesnt and i cant seem to find any info on it. Not that it matters of course lol
    13. FreedomEclipse
      Its doing great. the only real downside so far is that i need to be on a wireless device to get into the setup, Not sure if you can turn that off. I use wireless with my laptops, tablets & mobile phones but im using my pc 99% of the time and thats connected via cable as i game.
    14. FreedomEclipse
      well It does certainly feel more 'smooth' when browsing the net, streaming and doing a little gaming. Its definitely better then my previous extender but its no holy grail :p the amount of options you can set in it are crazy
    15. FreedomEclipse
      got the little thing up and running, its working OK so far, sadly not much difference then my edimax unit when streaming videos & surfing, gonna load up a game of BF3 in a moment and see if it holds. if not I have just wasted my money :p
    16. FreedomEclipse
      SR10000 just arrived, was just about to head out when it arrived so i only had time to unbox it will set it up when i get home
    17. FreedomEclipse
      nope - chose the standard delivery option, If it doesn't arrive this week then it will next week. anything ordered from the U.S usually takes 2-3 weeks to get here unless its via courier
    18. FreedomEclipse
      I have seen some pretty negative feedback though, there's quite a few user reviews that claimed that the SR10000 was no better then the router/AP they were trying to extended and that AmpedWireless claim of 10,000 square feet is grossly exaggerated and is false advertising. There is also talk that the transmit power isnt 600mW as they claimed but more 500mW.

      It cost me $65 on shipping alone, If i decide that i dont like it, its not worth sending it back as Id have to pay MORE to return it from the UK. postage back and fourth costs more then the SR10000 alone. so this is quite an expensive gamble im taking
    19. FreedomEclipse
      So I put in an order for an SR10000, should be here next week some time
    20. remixedcat
      I am not. I hate that company. However I stopped putting so much energy into hating them and feel better. Plus it only makes the fanbois stronger for thier cause.
    21. de.das.dude
      cuz i know you aint an apple fan as well!!!! :p
    22. de.das.dude
      when i came to this page. a dozen bats flew out of my monitor screen. :D
    23. remixedcat
    24. Mussels
      here kitty kitty...
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