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  • yea I agree gigabyte makes the best boards all around

    I use to have a ud5p for my 955 but I let that system go and got a ud5 x58 board and i didnt want to leave am3 so I got a CH3 back in feburary for overclocking and what not

    The only chips I had are
    sempron 140
    athlon II x2
    720be thats going to get sold in a week or so

    Would you mind doing a few benchmarks with card when you get it, was going to do them but I was too lazy
    It overclocks rather well. I'm not using it in the best of boards (Asus M3N78-VM) and I can still reach 3.3 GHz stable with only 50 mv over stock. I'm sure if I popped this into my Gigabyte MA790X-UD4 or Asus M4A78-E, I could probably go higher.
    alright then, thanks

    it would of been nice to save on shipping

    did you buy the x4 620? how well does that oc ?
    i brought the price down a little to $150 shipped since $165 was a little high

    since you bought from me before ill give you a discount
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