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  • In answer to your profile question to Darksaber, there are 2 ways, click on the member you want to message, a little info box comes up with an option to message them or you can go to your inbox which is on the forum toolbar top right and you will see the option to start a new conversation, you will then have to manually input the user names of those you want to message.
    Good man how about you? we should play something sometime. I've been really into killing floor lately. Its a ton of fun.
    Nothing much, just taking out some zombies in L4D2 lol when I get the time to play. :rockout:
    Survivor L4D is awesome, it really builds your skills in a fun way. I am sort of pissed with Valve because they plan on a new L4D 2 later this year. WTF?
    I eat my statement I previously made back in 2009. It was a misunderstanding because rumours at that time stated that L4D2 was nothing more than a cash grab and wouldn't offer anything new. Well they were 100% wrong, and I am willing to pay for another L4D3 full price, the series ROCKS........... September 12, 2012.....
    I'm good, just waiting to my new motherboard to get here. I haven't played l4d in awhile can't wait to get on again.
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