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  • Hi.I just downloaded Throttlestop to my chromebook 11.Im a beginner in the programs,hardware,troubleshooting,advanced computer knowledge.Therefore,Im looking for help w"how to use basics"of Throttlestop.I was orign. searching for an answer as to why my laptop suddenly began lagging and slowed down when i have it plugged in,charging&somehow ended up @Throttlestop.I do play games for hours daily.Ty for any info.:)
    I posted in response to your Throttlestop program in the past, but I just wanted to say thank you again for this program. It's saved my computers life. Being able to disable BD PROCHOT allowed my motherboard to function even after a heat sensor had died saving me a lot of money. If you ever come out with a paid version please let me know. 10/10
    I guess I'm not welcome anymore, As It seems I get moderated everytime I try to post, pic or not, I've updated My last Pic to try and help You, As to unicode, Being Intel doesn't want anyone to support ES cpus and Microsoft would not cooperate, So Intel had the unicode sabotaged, As You can see I'm using all 4 cores and I'm typing this, It's a unicode problem as 2.70 worked, 3.00 and newer is to Me a mistake, It just means Intel has closed off another program, The Bios is lying on Intels orders.
    I've had It, I've tried to post a pic, twice, Moderated each time, Please stop this or I'll go elsewhere as I don't think My input is being valued, Just rejected.
    Hey man I just sent you a PM over at Xtreamsystems. I want to do a CPU temp chart. Erocker said you would be a good man to ask.
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