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Velvet Wafer
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Jun 2, 2016
Jun 16, 2009
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May 12
North of Germany
On Search,still

Velvet Wafer

, from North of Germany

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Jun 2, 2016
    1. KieX
      Hey man, hope to catch you on MSN sometime this week :toast:
    2. (FIH) The Don
      (FIH) The Don
      i miss it when you start rambling off about everything lol

      hope to speak to you soon ;)

      and i hope you get better Bendix
    3. El_Mayo
      sup bro
      I think that thread is going off-topic (i.e. my topic is the most important) :p

      Is CPU-Z accurate in it's voltage reading?
      cos it's saying 1.104
      I'm hoping it's more accurate than the bios (i.e. using even LESS voltage than I thought) :D
    4. Magikherbs
    5. (FIH) The Don
      (FIH) The Don
      Respect for telling the truth about Fits

      sorry, but the breakdown deleted my post :(
    6. fullinfusion
      troll hahah

      How's things bro?

      oh and I have one fan for ya but I'm waiting to replace the one other one b4 I send them out.

      I haven't forgot about ya, I just been taped on cash sense the wife wants us both to go to Australia for a month in the fall to visit her family. so it's save save every nickel and dime lol
    7. pantherx12
      Hey I found the box to the e5200 I could send it to you so if the chip breaks you can RMA it with intel :D
    8. pantherx12
      I need that shop again dude lol

      Actually going to order this time so won't need to ask again :P

      I hope!

      Any reccomendations on what to get?

      All I know is I'm using a tripple rad.
    9. pantherx12
      Hey man, won't be able to get that back plate as I had to refund someone because a graphics card was broken when it arrived to them.
    10. pantherx12
      Thought I'd talk here about my 905 instead of on that thread, de-railing it slightly heh.

      Disabling cool and quiet made my volts stay at 0.987 XD

      I think my board just has epic v-droop.
    11. pantherx12
      Oh by the way how high have you got the e5200?

      Also thought I'd let you know I'm getting a Domino ALC soon, to try water cooling before I commit to buying a whole set, when I'm done You can have if you like, 50 euros including the delivery.

      It did cost me less then that but shipping is expensive!

      Or how many Euros add up to 45 UK pounds : ]

      Let me know!
    12. pantherx12
      Hey man, I was wondering if you could send me a link to that watercooling shop again.

      I realise if I sell all my current cooling I only need 30 pounds more for an entire WC set up :D
    13. pantherx12
      Posted pm me for tracking. : ]
    14. pantherx12
      Hey Dude, I just received your payment, I will ship your CPU today.
    15. pantherx12
      Hey man , I was just wondering if you did end up sending money via post?
    16. pantherx12
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  • About

    May 12
    North of Germany
    On Search,still
    Hobby-Overclocker and Hobby Airsoft Gearbox Technician

    i drown dies in goo, and make GBs go clank


    CPU-Z validation sig pics temporarily blocked
  • System Name: Heatbitch / The Dark Tower / Custom Acer
    Processor: AMD Phenom 2 X4 960T @ 4200mhz 1,44v,3130NB /Q9550 3.4ghz 1.20v/ X2 260 1.42v @3.6
    Motherboard: Asus M4A89GTD PRO / Asus Rampage Formula/Foxconn A7DA-S 3.0
    Cooling: Heatkiller 3.0 LT,Laing DDC+,Octakaideca-Rad /EK SP,Tt 400L, B.Ice XT2/Xiggy Black Knight
    Memory: 4x2gb Transcend 2400 CL10 1.65v: 1600 7-8-7-24-40 1.65 /Dominator 1066 2GB/Ripjaws 2000 CL9 4GB
    Video Card(s): 6970, soon to be WCed/ 4870x2 HK Full Cover WC´d / 2xGeforce 8800GT HyperSLI
    Hard Disk(s): 128gb Vertex 3, 32GB Ultradrive GX2, 320GB+500GB+2x1TB F1 /160gb Maxtor,500gb F1/ 160GB WD
    Optical Drive: No Room for these
    LCD/CRT Model: LG Flatron 23" W2353V /Benq 19" FP93E-S/TFT 17"
    Case: Thermaltake Shark /Superflower SF-860B/Acer m-ATX Tower
    Sound Card: Realtek Onboard Sound, on all of them
    Power Supply: Corsair TX850/ OCZ Modxstream-Pro 600W/ MS-Tech 750w
    Software: XP 32bit Professional+ Win7 64Bit Ultimate
    Benchmark Scores: 3DMark Vantage: P21385 3DM11: P5920
  • Heatware Username:Velvet Wafer