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    Picking a laptop for under $600 for light gaming.

    Hello! I wasn't sure whether to place this here or under general hardware. I'm trying to pick out a laptop for my brother that can do some light gaming for 600ish or less (US market.) So far all I'm seeing is systems with integrated graphics. Best system I've found had only 8 GB of soldered RAM...
  2. zithe

    New PC for the parents (400-500)

    Thanks for the input guys!
  3. zithe

    New PC for the parents (400-500)

    I'll update OP with an edit. Thanks!
  4. zithe

    New PC for the parents (400-500)

    Long time no see, y'all. Since it's been years since I kept up with hardware, I could use some opinions. My parents need a new pc. They already have an ATX case and a monitor they can use. What do you guys recommend for a parts list (budget in the 400 to 500 range, shipped/taxed in NY) for...
  5. zithe

    790i Ultra Spray Paint Mod Log

    This was around when I first found TechPowerUp. Stuff like this was awesome af
  6. zithe

    Why Did TPU stop making those news videos?

    The problem is it's easy to burn out, because in the beginning they still have to work their day jobs to get by, but push to get the videos done with the hopes of it someday getting big. I think TPU definitely has that potential. It needs time to build and find itself though, and maybe to...
  7. zithe

    Why Did TPU stop making those news videos?

    With the videos at least, @W1zzard would give me feedback upon upload. Sometimes I'd have to go back and fix a few things, or I'd make a silly mistake and need to add annotations. Once approved, @btarunr would give it a short write up and put it on the front page. One of them would tell me...
  8. zithe

    Why Did TPU stop making those news videos?

    It's honestly surprising to me that people still mention the show. @xkm1948 As cool as that sounds, I don't think they want me back, to be honest. I don't know.
  9. zithe

    Why Did TPU stop making those news videos?

    Absolutely! It was fun a lot of fun at times. Though I feel the channel should include both NPU and TPU content rather than split. It should also eventually be its own entity entirely and use ads and sponsorships to generate revenue independently of the website. The videos depended so heavily...
  10. zithe

    Why Did TPU stop making those news videos?

    Thanks. It really means a lot. I'm doing freelance narration and taking courses in videography/PR & media writing at RIT, so this is something I'm still improving on, but out of the public eye these days x3 I have a passion for making videos. Moreso on the entertainment side of it, which is...
  11. zithe

    Why Did TPU stop making those news videos?

    When I was making the videos, I kept trying to get better and better at it. I was putting in a ton of hours into it each week. It was quite challenging getting the videos done in a timely manner, as I still had to work two other jobs, and I was progressively putting more time into each video. If...
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    Bloody B820R Light Strike Keyboard

    This brand name makes all the products sound like a british guy really hates them.
  13. zithe

    Raptr Shutting Down this Month

    Never really knew what it did or paid attention to it. Anything that comes sidesaddle to what you actually want is just annoying.
  14. zithe

    What resolution do you game at

    1600x1200 D: I'm a weirdo