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2070 Max Q issues - drivers, control panel, and GPU-Z


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Nov 26, 2021
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Hi All,

I have an MSI G75 stealth which I have been working on a bit myself. Yesterday, I noticed some visual artifacting while playing a game. I updated my drivers and the artifacting went away, but only today did I realize that integrated graphics had been being used which is why the artifacting left. It was still happening today so I cleaned up the inside of my laptop and removed the liquid metal which I had applied a few months ago, just in case. Now, instead of artifacting, I can't even get any programs to use my grpahics card instead of integrated. I was going to force this in Nvidia control panel, but it won't open either, instead just appearing in task manager and then disappearing again. I tried reinstalling geforce and the control panel by uninstalling the experience and drivers, and then deleting all Nvidia folders from program files and program data, but this didn't work. Geforce experience shows a new driver update being available, but whenever I try and complete the install nothing changes - it finishes and doesn't give an error but also shows that the installation is still available. Finally, GPU-Z shows this - 0mb of memory, 0mhz clock speed. I attached a screenshot for reference. Dragon Center, the built in monitor for MSI laptops, also shows 0mhz for memory and clock speed.

A few weeks ago I made a stupid mistake and tapped my motherboard while the battery was plugged in, giving it a good zap. However, the graphics card was still working for the entire time in between, and the only issues I noticed were with brightness which made me assume the resistor was for controlling the brightness of the screen, but I'm not sure. I've been considering taking it to a repair shop to possibly get that replaced but if you guys have any ideas I would really appreciate it. Here the rest of my specs in case any is somehow useful:

Windows 10 Home - 20H2
I7 9750H - UHD 630 graphics
32G 2600mhz DDR ram
NVIDIA 2070 Max Q design

Thanks for your help,

This is what I get when trying to update the drivers with geforce. I tried searching for this online but I couldn't find anything. To be honest I've been considering a clean install of windows anyways but I don't know if that would help here.


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