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5970 Hemlock First Benchmarks

Discussion in 'AMD / ATI' started by LittleLizard, Oct 29, 2009.

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    Well technically GPUs are already multi-core. I once wondered the same thing and was assaulted by vastly more informed people than I.
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    Sep 11, 2009
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    I think you already got your answer, but just for clarification of my post:

    - My first paragraph was regarding two GPUs inside the same die, like Core2 duo. That would have made the R700 500 mm^2 while at the same time losing the benefits of die harvesting, or making it much more complicated, which ends up being almost the same.

    - The second paragraph covered two dies in a single package, like Core2 Quads. As FordGT said it would get too hot and you would also lose the benefit of a simpler PCB, because all the 512 bit lanes would have to go to the same place.

    - Two GPUs in a single PCB is what Ati and now Nvidia are doing and is the method that has more benefits for GPUs, unlike CPUs which get a benefit from being close thanks to reduced latencies.
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    There's plenty to cuss about with this card. GTX295s still beat it in vantage by a good margin. Total fail with the beta bios and beta drivers.
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    Im seeing that yeah, the 58xx series has a long way to come in terms of driver support, It seems like ATi are working DUPER hard on trying to beat Nvidia to the punch at every step in terms of hardware, but they may well fall flat on their face if they cant support them better ASAP, especially 58xx crossfire, and even harnessing all the 58xx's power.
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