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700-900W PSU Plat/Titan with LOW inrush current?

Jul 24, 2009
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Hey guys, usually I dont post here (like at all), but cant find this info on the interwebs, mostly cause inrush testing is rather new-ish?

I need PSU thats somewhere between 700W to 900W (even 1K is ok) with high efficiency (Platinum, Titanium), really good 12v control and most important low inrush.

I have for years (ages really) Corsair HX850 and while its quite ok PSU (CWT made) its really good in throwing fuses off. So something thats good but doesnt do that would be great. :D
Dec 31, 2009
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Apr 24, 2012
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get a UPS
Jul 2, 2008
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its really good in throwing fuses off.
Doubt that you have a PSU problem. More likely that you have an electrical problem, or the circuit that you're plugging into is already over loaded. Circuit breakers, and to some extent fuses, (sure hope you don't have fuses) are designed with the ability to handle a transient current spike above rated capacity. If starting your PC trips a circuit breaker, it either has too much load already, or the circuit breaker is faulty. Circuit breakers can fail, and they can also wear out if they've been tripped too many times.
Jul 24, 2009
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Starting PSU throws fuse switches off (circuit breakers probably?). Starting PC not. It happens only if I switch off PSU and use manual switch on PSU to turn it on. I have it in surge protection outlet and when I start it via switch on outlet it works without throwing fuse switches. No clue why.

Electricity here is a bit mess, too much load and it goes down. Not something that I can fix. So I need some PSU thats gentle. :D

Yea also only one sleep mode works on this PSU. Contrary to some old Seasonic I had before (which didnt throw off anything and worked fine).
Sep 17, 2014
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Surge protection outlets on a PC aren't exactly helpful either TBH - I found personally they decrease stability of your rig even IF you have a stable power supply.

You can check if the wiring in the house is up to spec, ie thick enough cables, you can redo wall sockets, and there is a whole lot more that is just in your own hands. Anything else is circling around the steaming pile that you will keep encountering regardless, and spending top dollar on a PSU is one of those circles.

I do wonder how you imagined power ON to ever be 'gentle'.
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