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950 "Presler" vs. "Conroe" e6600

Aug 18, 2006
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Well I 'm still waiting for that 590 Intel board! And now these damn e6600 conroe's are sold out again. Just out of curiosity, I noticed that this "presler" CPU is 65nm as well as the conroe. I think if I remmember correctly this presler chip is a 3.4 and the conroe is rated at 2.4. Which is the better chip or rather the best bang for the buck. Conroe about $350. Presler about $230. Anyone?:wtf:


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Dec 2, 2005
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conroeeee. dont get anything else. in fact. i'd get an E6300, the extra 2mb doesnt make much of a difference, and with the ghz the conroe and allendales can overclock to (allendales oc higher) it will make up for the lost L2. get a E6300. $194 on zipzoomfly.com


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Oct 4, 2005
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Presler is a 65nm chip, which is the only similarity between Conroe/Allendale and Presler. Long story made short, Conroes and Allendales are new and are superior to the Presler in design and performance. And I would also recommend getting the E6400 if you like to overclock but in a stiff budget. It would be around the same price as the Presler 950.
Nov 16, 2004
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E6300 is the best bang for the buck and pair it with a wicked mobo (say... P5B Deluxe or DQ6 by Gigabyte)... then OC the damn 6300 like hell.. :)