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A smallish Kerbal Space Program mod I made: Turns the Kerbal system into a red dwarf system!

Aug 20, 2007
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Not sure anyone here will care, but I made a mod! Posted this at KSP too, but meh, want to share. Humor me.

Turns out Kerbol System as represented in the game doesn't make any sense as a yellow star system, and this has always bugged me. It actually is about a 10th scale of our solar system, and Kerbin (the Kerbal homeworld) is way too close to their parent star Kerbol, at nearly 0.09 AUs away (earth is 1AU away from our Sun). About the only habitability figure it can fit into at 0.09 AU's is if it orbited a red dwarf, where it lands perfectly in the habitibal zone and the world is in fact, plausible if not quite likely out there somewhere (sans Kerbals, I hope...)

Turns out shrinking and recoloring the star as a red dwarf is in fact possible though. I've now made a mod that does just that! Now the Kerbal system is in fact scientifically possible! Plus it looks cool!

Mod has a hard dependency on Scatterer, and a soft dependency on Kopernicus and Astronomers (it will look way better with these, like my screenshots). Extract into your gamedata folder.

Download is attached:

Screenshot time:

Even if you don't play KSP, this is a fun little thought experiment into what a habitable world around a class M Red Dwarf would look like. The atmopshere and everything in this mod has been modeled around that concept, being much thinner than earths. The physics remain unchanged because aparently, the atmosphere was already modeled as being thin based on the planet size... who knew? Seriously, it's like they couldn't make up their mind.

Total list of changes:
-Changed name of "The Sun" to "Kerbol" as fans like. (Requires Kopernicus)
-Updated encyclopedia entries referencing "The Sun" (Requires Kopernicus)
-Updated Sun/Kerbol Surface temp to a system accurate figure for a Class M Red Dwarf. (Requires Kopernicus)
-Changed Sun Color emitted light to RGB 1.0, 0.33, 0.33 from 1.0,1.0,1.0
-Thinned Kerbin Atmosphere
-Updated visuals (Thank the Astronomers mod authors really, I did nothing but use their crap and make a config).


The star I made is modeled to be a "on the fence" red dwarf, which would fit the Kerbol system perfectly for plausibility, based on this chart from educated peoples:

Note: This mod is a work in progress and features may change without notice, though the theme will always be the same. Screenshots may or may not be updated with time.

EDIT: A new version is already up, with a dramatic breakthrough that applies the lighting more globally! In Kerbals atmosphere this is especially noticable.

A patcher is also now included that patches the internal unity files to make the solar "corona" more consistent. It is optional, but if you want the best effect, I advise it. It is an EXE, so you'll have to trust me on that portion if you want full effect. It is produced by Unity Bundle Extractor, that you can find online in open source form.

Same link as above. I'm live editing. Consider this notification of version "0.1." Everything before this was alpha, I guess.

Updating screenshots now. The change is impressive. Will add more with time.

1.) Atmospheric effects are not applied at the VAB hanger door. I have no idea if this is fixable or not.
2.) Find the Lunch Thief! (if you play the game, you know what I'm on about)
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