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AMD Announces VISION Technology, Consumers Gain Clarity in the PC Buying Experience

May 6, 2005
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I have seen this kind of idea before, it never works...
What never works?
"Vision" = (new 45nm) AMD mobile CPU + AMD GPU.
"Centrino" = Intel mobile CPU + AMD/nV GPU.

An identifiable brand name is what AMD has been lacking for their mobile platform. And now they have a proper CPU to throw in the bundle, after all, K8 mobiles suck.
I can't help to notice AMD is coming up with a new badge, while Intel has a new processor. Long Live Marketing.
Your observational skills failed you this time.
AMD is bringing the new CPU and a Centrino-like consistent brand, Intel is using Core 2 for now.
Dec 8, 2008
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Centrino = Intel CPU + Intel chipset + Intel LAN&WLAN
At least get your facts straight.

On topic:m hmm the delicious marketing bullshit...


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Feb 18, 2009
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AMD VISION Technology

AMD please stop copying microsoft marketing and product name conventions.

Home Premium Ultimate

Those three words mean ( low , medium , high )

Those three words can also mean ( missing features , almost good enough , elitist bastard )

I can give you 3 more ugly terms if you're not gettin the picture.

Xp = pain in the posterior anatomy

vista = worse pain in the neck and heavier handed microsoft anti piracy tactics. so nice of microsoft to think we're mexcans levites, only from the mind of bill gates the jew gone bad.

windows 7 = more of the same crap and if people are smart they'll never buy another MS operatings system if they love computers.

AMD , I don't know what to tell you , you do anything that resembols microsoft tactics it could go very badly for you.

I advise against doing it.

Try three words using your own brain cells like.

( micro , standard , extended )

I don't want my beloved AMD to run around using microsoft terms.