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AMD HD4890 startup problem


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Jun 24, 2014
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Very recently my HD4890 would spin at full speed when starting up my Intel Dualcore pc (still running XP...)
Every time the light for critical temperature lights up and the fan just goes berserk. I have to hard reset the PC (it seems all the motherboard LEDS come on ok) and after a couple of times restarting, it starts up normally. I took the card apart completely and found it covered in dust on the inside. Cleaned it out completely and put it back together nicely (fitted thermal paste on the cpu after cleaning the old on off) and this worked fine for a while. Now (just a couple of days later) it happens again. After a couple of tries the pc starts up with everything normal, but right now the overheating light (D601) is lit although the GPU temp is stable around 60°C with a 10% load.
So I'm guessing it's not the dust. Anyone have a clue?

System : Intel DualCore 3.16GHz, Gigabyte EP45-UD3 motherboard, power supply 650Watts, XP Pro (yeah I know...), 2 HD's and a DVD Rec.




I just learned that the D601 LED is the VDDC-Fault LED! I have the card sharing a powercable with the HDD, could it be it needs a seperate cable?
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