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AMD Intros Phenom II X4 980 Black Edition Quad-Core Processor


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Jan 7, 2011
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go for the 6 cores, they perform excellent for its price, 1070 for example, I myself run 1055T and it runs anything i throw on it with 5850CF.

I run clustering for servers so I buy pretty much only amd for myself, cost is far too high to replace the whole cluster, all old systems becomes server cluster upgrades.
usually buy the cheapest things that deliver acceptable performance.
Those with the latest and greatest in hardware like to complain about how stagnant graphics are these days because of consoles, but it's great for the rest of the unwashed masses to catch up and enjoy decent graphics at affordable prices. I don't see the need to upgrade from my Athlon II X2 250 for another 2-3 years, hopefully a used Phenom II X6 can be had for $50 on ebay by that time :D

I just regret going too cheap when building my PC a year ago, my Radeon 4650 can barely run modern games at 720p at decent fps (trying to hold out for the Radeon 7000s series before upgrade GPU).
Feb 7, 2010
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System Name 2K Gamer
Processor AMD 8370 @ 4.5GHZ
Motherboard ASUS Pro Gaming / Aura 970
Cooling Corsair H60 AIO
Memory 16GB G. Skill RipJaw @ 1600MHZ
Video Card(s) Zotac AMP! GTX 1070
Storage Samsung 600 Gig HDD (Raid 0 @ 7,500) / WD 1TB Blue @ 7,200 / PNY 128 GB SSD For Linux
Display(s) 27'' ASUS 144MHZ G-SYNC Read 1400p Gaming Monitor / 23'' LG LCD Flatron W2361VG 1080p @ 50,000:1
Case NZXT Source 530
Audio Device(s) Onboard 7.1 HD Realtek
Power Supply 750w Corsair HX
Mouse Cougar Gaming Mouse
Keyboard Saitek Eclipse
Software Windows 10 64bit Education Edition
IMO I think that the AMD 965 Black Edition C3 is the best AMD has to offer. Yes, it's a little old and only at 3.4ghz, but people can easily get it up to 4.0+ ghz with a good cooler. My cheap luiquid cooling can only go up to 3.8 ghz with a voltage tweak and northbridge tweak