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AMD R9 380 replacement

Corsair 2020

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Apr 8, 2020
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Hello, First time in the forum and have not followed up on computer advances in many years. So, I can really use some good advice. I have a tower with a AMD FX 9590 Eight Core processor and AMD R9 380 series graphic card. I am now running two screens (one TV and one HP Monitor). I want to be able to run three screens. Before I go and purchase another Monitor or TV I want to be sure my processor and graphics card can handle it. I have a couple of questions - first I know a TV isn't the best option so would swapping it out to a monitor be a better option or are the current HD TV's okay to run on a computer. Second - can this graphics card handle three screens or should I upgrade it. Third if I upgrade my graphics card will my Processor be okay............ I am not sure if I have supplied enough information for anyone to be able to make a good suggestion so let me know if you need further data.

Thanks much in advance.

Jan 25, 2006
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Your 380 can handle 3 different inputs, that's not a problem, your main problem is that your system is around 7 years old and very power hungry and unless your gaming on all 3 monitors you could drive 3 screens on a low powered 45w CPU and <75w GPU which is probably about 300w less than what your current PC uses, yes a HDTV doesnt look as good as a monitor on a PC but that's your call if you prefer a monitor over a TV