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AMD Releases FidelityFX Super Resolution 2.0 Source Code Through GPUOpen

Apr 19, 2018
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AMD do good things for the gaming and developer community. Unlike nGreedia.

And don't get me started on the whole "we use a supercomputer" to enhance DLSS. I call BS on that, or it is how nGreedia slaves devs into paying for it. AMD have got so close to DLSS without resorting to underhanded tactics and magical A.I.
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Jul 9, 2015
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R.I.P. yet another proprietary tech from N.

We never really loved you as there can be no love, when it is proprietary.
You also went as far as banning older N cards from utilizing it, which is a new low even by your low standards.

immense value advantage

Yeah! I mean, don't forget that G-Sync thing. Groundbreakingly ground breaking!!!

And PhysX!

Also, it is green, which is easy on eyes.

No matter where you spit, there is value! :D
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Jun 2, 2017
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Wow wow oh hold up, I wouldn't go that far. It's the standard for general consumer electronics but computers still favour vesa display port, they're both competing standards (which is often quite annoying actually).

Freesync vs gsync has nothing to do with hdmi vs display port, it just so happens that the gsync module is now outdated and since vesa freesync technology became much more widespread (by being open... what a shocker) nvidia doesn't seem to care to update the module because there aren't that many advantages on gsync over freesync anyway and they weren't able to make it standup in the market when the tech was new let alone when it's now common place to have freesync on everything (with hdmi even adopting it for their vrr tech)

Regarding Display Port vs HDMI, Display Port is actually somewhat more open, I don't know why HDMI was able to become the standard for consumer AV equipment, maybe they were more open to going along with copyright cartels about HDCP stuff and are more willing to play along with manufacturers shenanigans making the features of the standard all optional (great for the consumers of course.. :nutkick:), HDMI 2.1 may now be better than DP 1.4 but they're basically always one upping each other with each revision.
I never meant to compare them in that way. I am not using the specs as the basis when looking at DP vs HDMI. It's just that HDMI is on everything from laptops to TVs while DP has been relegated to basically Monitors and GPUs. I personally prefer DP myself but do lament GPUs only having 1 HDMI port. Freesync vs Gsync is also looked at in that regard, adoption not specs. Beta was head and shoulders above VHS and Laserdisc was better than both but guess what most people had?