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AMD Reports Second Quarter Results

Discussion in 'News' started by btarunr, Jul 19, 2012.

  1. sergionography

    Feb 13, 2012
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    agree 100%

    no the problem with amd is that they priced their new gen card according to the 6000 series price performance curve, therefore not many invested into buying the new gen gpu, pricing high doesnt always mean profit, if they made twice the sales for 30% less profit they still gain more money. but im assuming supply is the reason that didnt happen.

    idk were your getting your information from, one can argue apple is overpriced, but to say macintosh sucks? im yet to see a software engineer or developer that has anything negative to say about mac os. if windows didnt have all the market share and software support it wouldnt be any appealing.
    and from the hardware side apple always has the newest and best hardware in the market+much better screen resolutions +by far the most stylish designs. they sure are overpriced but to say they suck is an overstatement(unless you mean they suck for the price, but again you pay for the premium hardware and design).
    as for ipods sucking? what exactly do you mean? its an mp3 player lol, and when it came out it had by far the best user interface than any of the mp3 players back then, and it looked by far better than anything on the market back then, and it had large storage capacities far bigger or atleast very competitive to anything back then.
    so you say apple sucks? no they dont, exactly why they sell alot. because they know what the customer wants, and they know how to design, and they know how to advertise.

    but as amd is concerned, its hard to compare it with apple, because amd is a chip manufacturer, and not a hardware one, so it has to appeal to OEMs rather than regular everyday customers. and its obvious OEMs are nerdy enough to know about performance so the "its fast enough" arguement doesnt work with them much. the only way for AMD to compete in the way apple did is if they start their own hardware manufacturing, and build AMD rigs/laptops that completely take advantage of their strength because OEMs are total idiots that dont undestand "you dont need to have the fastest performance to appeal". they keep using amd apus for their cheap solutions when they are clearly superior to intel in multimedia, so if they were to design stylish laptops with good sound and screen resolution, backlit keyboards, and more eye candy goodies they will sell just fine even if they are priced the same as an intel laptop+nvidia graphics(that is cheaply built)
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  2. de.das.dude

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    Jun 13, 2010
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    fixed that for you. and reported for trolling.
  3. Dent1

    May 18, 2010
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    I don't really think Apple sucks, I was trying to illustrate the point to Gorillagarret that AMD releasing a crap CPU shouldn't translate into poor revenue, because other companies sometimes release crap products and still do well financially.
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