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AMD Turbo Core

Discussion in 'Overclocking & Cooling' started by suraswami, Sep 28, 2012.

  1. suraswami


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    Anybody using AMD Turbo Core on Phenom II X6? I left it off since I upgraded my X4 to X6. But recent itching for OC prompted me to look into this option. It works good for single threaded or not so multi-threaded applications.

    Currently I have OCed my CPU on all cores to 3.2 Ghz (238 x 13.5) @ 1.3v, memory is limiting me. If I turn on the turbo it takes 3 cores to 238 x 16 (3.8) @ 1.4v (I still need to find the best voltage tho).

    Should I leave it on like this? I see the voltages keep jumping across cores like crazy depending on load. I usually set the windows power profile as High, so all cpus run at same speed and voltage. To use the Turbo I have to set the power profile to Balanced. The CPU drops to lowest x4 multi (I save about 10w at idle tho).

    Any experiences - good/bad?

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  2. VulkanBros


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    I believe Mussels is the man to ask.....he is a dedicated X6 fan :rolleyes:
    suraswami says thanks.
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