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Android Apps, Games, Emulators...etc..

Mar 14, 2009
3,338 (1.04/day)
System Name Spanky
Processor Ryzen 1400
Motherboard MSI 350 gaming pro
Cooling NZXT Kracken X42
Memory 8gb Crucial 2133 at 2667
Video Card(s) Nvidia 1060
Storage 250gb WD blue
Display(s) Acer 32" 2560x1440
Case Raidmax Sigma
Audio Device(s) Sound Blaster Audigy FX
Power Supply Seasonic
Mouse Epicgear
Keyboard Razer Deatstalker
Software Windows 10Pro x64
I'm looking for GOOD FREE Android Apps...Nothing Buggy, Useless or makes you wait for full length commercials to load...

I'll start this off..
Angry Birds
Gun Strike-best free FPS imo

Unified Remote
Weather APP

Anti Virus:

MX Video Player

Still looking for:
PSX, Nintendo, Sega etc...etc...
Also looking for ROM grabbers...
Free is the key!

Please feel free to list everything useful and I will update this list as needed...
I'm hoping for a lot of help from TPU!
May 31, 2008
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Switzerland, Heart of Europe
System Name Fractality 1.0
Processor Intel Core i7-860 @ 3.6GHz
Motherboard EVGA P55 SLI
Cooling Prolimatech Megahalems and four Fractal Design 120mm fans, sleeved
Memory 16GB Kingston Hyper RAM
Video Card(s) PNY GeForce 580 XLR8
Storage 64GB and 180GB SSDs / 1TB and 2TB HDDs
Display(s) 24" Acer V243W
Case Fractal Design Define R2, sleeved all I/O cables
Audio Device(s) onboard
Power Supply Corsair HX750W modular, sadly only stock sleeving
Software Win 7 64bit
DailyComixFree: A free e-comic reader, fetches a hundred webcomics. Since the update its easier to navigate.
NumberCop: Blocks ad-numbers (SMS texts and phone calls). Lets you manually put in numbers to block and self-updates on a user-based database. Also: Works!
DroidStats: Free version logs text, phone and data usage. Cool if your phone only has a rudimentary log function.
Shazam: Music finder. Activate it when a song plays and it will display its name. Works very good, even gets the name right if a song snippet is mixed with static and only a few seconds long.
WhatsApp: Instant messaging program like MSN or ICQ or whatever the hell is popular in your country. Works over the internet so if you have a data plan and no unlimited texts its rather useful.