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Angularjs Events

May 27, 2008
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Ive created a single page application using nodeJs and angularJS. All my script files are loaded when the page is first loaded. My views are dynamically loaded using ng-view.

This means that my controllers for all the different pages are instantiated even when the view for that page isn't loaded. Whilst this isn't a problem, may even make viewing the app better not having to wait for angular to bootstrap things up. I do have a problem with events that are being fired in my services.

I have some RTI (Real Time Information, think I used to right abbreviations) pushing data periodically from the server which is then broadcast across my app using angularJS's $broadcast. Trouble is as my controllers are always instantiated there event listeners are firing when my service broadcasts. Even when the view is not loaded for them.

Is there a way to stop this? It's not really a problem, and i could always look into lazy-loading i think its called of controllers. However i can see possible problems and was just wondering if there's a quick and easy solution to stop an event listener firing when the controllers corresponding view is not loaded.