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    Animation Nation, Your one stop TPU thread on talking anything and everything that has to due with the form of Animation. Anime, Manga, Art, Stories, Cosplay, Con's. We're here to talk about it all!

    As for becoming a member, there is just a few things that I would like to know from everyone who joins. A sort of, "hello".

    • Reason anime became huge in your life
    • Favorites (movie, series, even cartoons) and describe why you enjoy them so much.

    Its short and simple to join.

    There really only one rule that I need everyone to go with. There should be NO TALKS of "bittorrenting" of any form of Anime/manga. This way we can keep it clean, safe, & keep the thread going.

    Torrent Talk Warning:
    This is a friendly warning for talks of any form of "bittorrenting". Please, do not in any way shape or form talk about it. No screen shots, links, nothing. I do want to keep this "club house" going for a long time so we can talk about anime and so forth.
    Any talks of Torrents from this point on, (September 8th, 2009 at 1:42pm est), will be reported instead of sending a pm asking for he removal.

    If you feel a need to talk about it, Pm's please.

    Memebers: Favorites

    Member Anime Titles Manga Titles Artist Web accounts
    1 Cold Storm Final Fantasy 7 AC & Rurouni Kenshin: Trust and Betrayal Dogs: Bullets & Carnage[/COLOR]
    2 Wile-e Elfen Lied & Evangelion & Moribito & Eureka 7 Elfem Lied
    3 Mussels Death Note, FLCL, Bokura No & FMA Brotherhood
    4 Random Murderer Magical Shopping Arcade Abenobashi & Interstella 5555
    5 Namslas90 "I have two favorites today, then tomorrow will be something else!"
    6 Darknova Darknova & Gundam Series
    7 Das Muffin Man Rorouni Kenshin & Dragonball Z
    8 [I.R.A.]_FBI Ghost In The Shell & FLCL
    9 Hawk1
    10 King Wookie
    11 X-Fire Getbackers
    12 Btarunr Dragonball Z & Beyblade
    13 Cooler Slayers & Cromartie High School
    14 Evilzed
    15 Hat Bleach, Full Metal Alchemist & Cowboy Bebop
    16 Mandelore Neo Genesis Evangelion
    17 Neo Crisis Eureka 7 & Lucky Star
    18 TkPenalty Death Note
    19 Tzitzibp
    20 Ravenas Afro Samurai & Animatrix
    21 Skrabrug Serial Experiments Lain & Robotech
    22 Hookystreet Ninja Scroll & Golgo 13
    23 Azazel Ghost In The Shell & Death Note
    24 Scoutingwraith Macross Frontier & Code Geass R2
    25 eidairaman1 The advatar says it all!
    26 Ahhzz AMG & Chrono Crusade
    27 Bogmali Kenshin & Saiyuki
    28 Freedom Eclipse Gundam (ALL), Macross
    29 KainXS Nadia: The Secret of Blue Water & Vandread
    30 holy Code Geass and Gundam 00
    31 razaron Dragonball Z & Guyver Berserk & Vagabond[/COLOR]
    32 TheJesus Akira, Voices of A Distant Star
    33 Psyko12 Code Geass and Vampire Hunter D
    34 kid41212003 Code Geass & Kenshin OVA Trust and Betrayal Claymore & EyeShield 21[/COLOR]
    35 Solaris17 Final Fantasy 7 AC, Bleach & DBZ
    36 Binge FLCL & Ergo Proxy
    37 Arciks One Piece & Bleach
    38 Shadowfold -Death Note-
    39 Kyle2020 Dragonball Z & Zoid
    40 Wahdangun Suzumiya Haruhi & Naruto
    41 Infrared Deathnote & Bleach
    42 Human Error Blood+ & Naruto
    43 kurosagi01 Gundam & Macross series
    44 Morpha Ranma 1/2 & One Peice Gantz[/Color]
    45 ShRoOmAlIsTiC Berserk & Hellsing
    46 MRCL GTO & Dragonball
    47 Yukikaze Code Geass R2 & The Sky Crawlers
    48 twilyth Witch Hunter Robin
    49 Crazy Pyro Helsing & Princess Mononoke
    50 MKMods Ride Back & Kurau Phantom Memory
    51 MomentoMoir Bleach & Full Metal Alchemist
    52 Entropy13 Sengoku Basara & Gundam 00 & Macross Frontier &Full Metal Panic
    53 pc1x1 Saint Seiya
    54 KieX Samurai X OVA, Last Exile, Elfen Lied, Cowboy Bebop,Gantz Berserk, Bleach, Naruto
    55 Fourstaff Code Geass, Gundam Seed, Kara no Kyoukai, Lucky Star, Fate Stay/Night Naruto, Liar Game, XXXholic
    56 Mdsx1950 Bleach, Naruto/shippuuden, DBZ, Trinity Blood
    57 AhokZYashA InuYasha, Hayate, Shakugan no Shana, K-On!, Toradora! Yakitate! Japan, InuYasha
    58 Btou1986 Ghost in the shell EVERYTHING, Elfen Lied, Evangelion, Code Geass R1&R2, Gasaraki
    59 TheLaughingMan Kimagure Orange Road, Ranma 1/2, Ghost in the Shell, Ninja Scroll, Perfect Blue
    60 regexorcist Trigun, Bleach, Deathnote
    61 TheMailMan78 The stuff that made it all happen!
    62 djisas Long forgotten. He'll tell you what's good now on Anime Orb.
    63 phobias23 DragonballZ, Cowboy Bebop, Black Lagoon, One Piece, Ikkitousen
    64 Red_Mechine Negima, Gunslinger Girl, Elfen Lied and Azumanga Daioh Elfen Lied & Infinite Ryvius
    65 PVTCaboose1337 Mnemosyne, Cowboy Bebop, and Elfen Lied
    66 Virus-j Death Note & Naruto Series
    67 mrw1986 Cowboy Bepop & Trigun
    68 Shihabyooo Code Geass Series & Black Lagoon
    69 Cheesy999 The girl who Leapt Through Time & Summer Wars (2009)

    the three Aged, but well known, animenatics:

    TheMailMan78, Mkmods, & Namslas90

    May we be able to know the things that they know.

    Now, the 3 Most Knowledgeable Members (MKM)

    djisas, mussels, & Wile E

    Come on, ask them anything! They'll even tell you the director's favorite food.. And no.. it's not rice balls like most anime have. :roll:

    Anime comes from the word animation. its just that the japanese cant pronounce it.

    The only reason anime and cartoons are different is that in america there is a (slowly weakening) preconception that "cartoons are for kids" - the japs realised different, and made a lot of mature, adult content with sexual themes, violence, and special effects that just cant be done in live action.

    japanese cartoons (anime) come in everything from pokemon (for children) to elfen lied (for adults, with blood and gore)

    Anime is traditionally hand drawn, but computer assisted techniques have become quite common in recent years. The subjects of anime represent most major genres of fiction, and anime is available in most motion-picture media (television broadcast, DVD and VHS distribution, and full length motion pictures).

    While Animation is the rapid display of a sequence of images of 2-D artwork or model positions in order to create an illusion of movement

    There will be more added to this first post. The more we learn about different forms of Anime, the more we can add.

    List Your Anime


    Member's Recommendations

    Djisas's Recommendation starting guide:

    Djisas's Noobs guide to Anime (What to watch when you start watching Anime)
    Baccano: Each of the stories in the series involves several unrelated plots intersecting and crossing each other as events spiral farther and farther out of control. Immortal alchemists, mafia operated speakeasies, and many other elements of pulp fiction mashed together for a world straight out of the movies.
    Baccano is an awesome comedy that will never get boring, it has a huge but memorable cast, you will even remember the small villains when you finish the anime, but for the history stays an awesome comedy duo, Baccano has lots of action, lots of mafia business and lots of violence, but it never gets serious enough, not when those two are on screen messing with everyone...

    Black lagoon: When Okajima Rokuro (aka Rock) visits Southeast Asia carrying a top secret disk, he is kidnapped by pirates riding in the torpedo boat, Black Lagoon. Although he thought he would be rescued soon, the company actually abandons him, and sends mercenaries to retrieve the secret disk. He narrowly escapes with his life, but has nowhere to go. He gives up his name and past, and resolves to live as a member of the Black Lagoon.
    Heavy action with strong characters, a serious anime about modern pirates...

    A-Channel:The story revolves around the everyday life of four high school girls: the flighty Run, the reckless Tooru, the timid Yuuko, and the level-headed Nagi.
    A very fun anime with a strong cast and great voice work, not much of a story but there's no need for one either way...

    Clannad:Set in a high school located in some Japanese town. Okazaki Tomoya is a third-year student who does not take his studies seriously. Always late for class, he is seen as a delinquent by the rest of his classmates who are busy preparing for their college entrance examinations. Needless to say, he does not have too many close friends either.
    Tomoya does not seem not to mind either — until one day he meets a girl, Furukawa Nagisa, who is left alone without friends in the school because everybody she knew already graduated. "What a clumsy girl", he thinks at first. But he can not leave her alone and so, while helping her, he meets a few other girls from his school. Although he does not care much about them at first, he soon opens his heart to them as they get to know each other better.
    The first season is all about comedy and an harem of girls...

    Hyakko: On their first day of high school shy Ayumi Nonomura and taciturn Tatsuki Iizuka become lost on the immense campus of Kamizono Academy. An irresistible force of nature named Torako Kageyama accompanied by her best friend Suzume Saotome appears in front of them. Led, sometimes pushed, by Torako, the girls and their classmates work through problems of school, home and adolescence.
    More high quality High school comedy with a very sharp character design and quite unique as well, its comedy levels are quite good, a must watch...

    Ichigo Mashimaro:Ichigo Mashimaro follows the life of Nobue Itoh, her younger sister Chika, and her friends. The basic premise of the show can be summed up in “cute girls do cute things in cute ways”, be it trying to quit smoking, going outside to play, celebrating a holiday, or doing school work.
    If Azumanga Daioh left you longing for more sweet, off-kilter comedy, then you'll be glad to know that its successor has arrived. Although Strawberry Marshmallow features a younger cast of characters, the same oddball humor that made AzuDai a hit also permeates this series, with an added edge of sarcasm. They say that cute shows are all about brash, annoying antics and being as loud as possible, but this series proves that wrong. There is something uniquely appealing about Marshmallow's deadpan delivery, the way a joke creeps up from behind and suddenly strikes—like an unseen slap knocking a 12-year-old girl to the ground. That's the kind of gag that just doesn't happen anywhere else.

    Lovely Complex:Risa Koizumi, taller than the average girl, and Atsushi Ootani, shorter than the average guy - their constant bickering and comical love-hate relationship is well-known throughout the school. They act similarly and love the same music, and their friendship is full of laughing, shouting at each other, and of course, lots of jokes about one another's height. But when Risa notices her feelings for Ootani growing, she's worried. She doesn't know if he can ever see her as more than a friend. With her friends rooting for her, she struggles to make him see how she feels about him, and that a romantic relationship between a tall girl and a short guy can work. Oblivious Ootani doesn't make things easy for her, but she stubbornly perseveres in her own unconventional way, determined for her feelings to get through to him, and finally be returned. If only she could do it without driving herself and everyone else crazy in the process...
    An awesome comedy with a great comedy duo, but also a very good romance anime...

    Lucky Star: Lucky star is an awesome comedy, buts its parodies and other anime heavy influences makes it an hard watch for anyone that isnt an otaku yet, but for veterans, its simply hilarious to watch...

    Maria Holic:The story centers on a sophomore named Kanako who enrolls in all-girls school because she has a phobia of men and wants to find her destined yuri partner. She meets a captivating freshman named Mariya who fits her criteria — except her seemingly ideal mate happens to be a cross-dressing sadistic boy.

    Pani Poni Dash: So you think you're ready for a new take on high school silliness. But are you ready for one that goes at maximum speed, assaulting the eyes and the ears and the mind with all manner of madcap humor? Pani Poni Dash! may be a retread of familiar themes, but it attacks those themes with such energy and uniqueness that there's no mistaking it for any other classroom comedy. Watch it once just to see what happens, watch it again to catch all the in-jokes, watch it as many times as you need to see comedy pushed to its technical limits. And it might just make you think twice about vending machines that dispense warm drinks.

    School rumble: Tsukamoto Tenma is always chasing after the rather unusual Karasuma Ooji, to no avail. Her over-the-top methods don't even seem to register, but she keeps trying. Harima Kenji, the class rebel, is desperately trying to confess his feelings to Tenma, also with no luck. It's a comedy love-triangle, with humour that comes in from left field!
    If there's something that might be even better than azumanga it is school rumble, and everyone looking for a good comedy should watch it, it even has some bits of romance here and there...

    Cyberpunk: Cyberpunk focuses on computers or information technology, usually coupled with some degree of breakdown in social order. The plot often centers on a conflict among hackers, artificial intelligences, and mega corporations, tending to be set within a near-future dystopia Earth.

    Armitage III: Ross Sylibus is a Chicago cop, who lost his partner in a battle with a cyborg. He has just been transferred to Mars as an expert on androids, but before he has even left the spaceport he spots a group of suspicious people, who turn out to be a madman with cyborg bodyguards. With the help of his soon-to-be partner waiting in the terminal, Naomi Armitage, he stops the cyborgs, but their leader escapes.
    The plot is complicated enough to engross viewers, yet flexible enough to drive the series forward at a fast pace. The dreary mood of the series is interchanged at times with sparks of hope that are portrayed convincingly through the talents of the voice actors.

    Dennou Coil: In this future, a mobile phone like technology has people wear special visors to superimpose coordinated, instant virtual images over the top of their everyday real world. This cyberspace layer, "space", interacts perfectly as you move about or touch things. It even allows children to have advanced Tamagotchi style cyberpets (very tidy!), or to make video calls using simple hand gestures alone.

    However, something is happening in Daikoku which the adults have not yet noticed. Cyberpets go missing, dangerous spherical robots patrol the skies and a mysterious gigantic character named Satchii seems connected to it all.

    When 6th grader Yasako moves to Daikoku to be with family, her beloved pet goes missing too, and she is drawn into the affairs of a Cyberpet Recovery Agency run by the local children.

    Desert Punk:In the future, Japan is a wasteland. In the Great Kantou Desert, scattered humans eke out a living in the hot sand. Among them, a short-statured man they call Sunabouzu makes a living as a bounty hunter. Like a demon of the sand, he seems unbeatable. Yet, like all men, he has a particular weakness for the opposite sex...
    You're in for a good laugh watching this...

    Ergo Proxy: The cocoon-like city of Romdo was meant to be a sealed-off utopian city where humans and androids (‘autoreivs’) would co-exist in peace under total government control… of course, these things rarely work out, so in execution, Romdo is a dark, depressing sort of place. While investigating a strange series of murders, Intelligence Bureau detective Re-l Mayer gets an enigmatic (and creepy) warning that something is “awakening”… and then she's visited by a bizarre-looking android beast, who defends her from another, equally bizarre-looking android beast. Something stinks in the city of Romdo!
    Ergo Proxy is the latest in a long tradition of twisty, dark, violent dramas like Serial Experiments Lain, Texhnolyze, and Blame!, and it's a fine addition to the genre. Beautifully animated and strikingly mature, Ergo Proxy is a top-shelf title that any high-minded sci-fi fan (or anyone into gothic mystery titles like Witch Hunter Robin) will probably enjoy.
    Ergo Proxy certainly isn't for everyone. It's a dark, brooding, slowly-paced sci-fi mystery with philosophical underpinnings; this is unquestionably an adult anime. People expecting nonstop robot fights will be disappointed, as will anyone who isn't patient enough to stick with the storyline. Overall, though, this is a mature, engrossing series; it's a nice break from the piles and piles of harem comedies and dating-sim shows the medium has become inundated with.

    Eve no Jikan: In the near future, probably in Japan, long after robots have been put to practical use, and not so long since human-type robots, or androids have appeared.

    Due to the Robot Ethical Committee, people take it for granted to treat robots as electronic appliances. However, because of their human appearance, except for the halos above their heads, some humans — called dori-kei (android-style) — are becoming too attracted to these androids, and this is causing new social problems.

    Rikuo has been taught to treat androids the way he does since he was a child. He does not think of androids as human beings, and uses them as useful tools. One day, he discovers that ominous words were recorded in home-android Sammy's activity log:

    "Are you enjoying the time of EVE?"

    Tracing her footsteps with his friend Masaki, they arrive at a strange cafe that has put up the slogan not to discriminate between human beings and androids.

    Ghost in the Shell: In the year 2029, the world is made borderless by the net; augmented humans live in virtual environments, watched over by law enforcement that is able to download themselves into super-powered, crime busting mecha.
    The ultimate secret agent of the future is not human, has no physical body and can freely travel the information highways of the world, hacking and manipulating whatever and whenever required.
    Ghost in the Shell is a long list of movies and 2 tv series totaling 52 episodes, it is without question a MASTERPIECE, anyone and everyone should be watching this and even read the manga whenever possible...

    Mardock Scramble: Why me? It was to be the last thought a young prostitute, Rune Balot, would ever have... as a human anyway. Taken in by a devious gambler named Shell, she became a slave to his cruel desires and would have been killed by his hand if not for a private investigator and his self-aware Universal Tool, Œufcoque. Now a cyborg, Balot has not only physical powers, but the ability to disrupt social environments. She chases after Shell, his partner-in-crime Boiled, and faces down a variety of insane villains in this pulse-pounding cyberpunk noir adventure.

    Real Drive: The story takes place in 2061, 50 years after humanity developed the "Net society" that depended on information networks despite their security issues. To improve security, a new network called Meta Real Network — or "Metal" for short — was developed. People's personal memories are reduced to information and placed within "protected virtual stand-alone organic cyber enclaves" called bubble shells online. The result was a virtual "explosion" of creative freedom as people felt safe enough to explore instincts and desires on Metal that they would not otherwise explore in real life. This "friction" between the Metal's alluring lack of restrictions and rules-bound reality led to trouble and incidents that investigators known as "cyber divers" must handle. Masamichi Haru is one such cyber diver.
    This is a Production I.G an Masamune Shirow's production, it is a very unique anime in many aspects and it is very interesting to watch...

    Serial Experiments Lain: The first episode opens with the mysterious suicide of a high-school girl, Chisa Yomoda. Chisa-chan was a classmate of Lain Iwakura, a quiet, 14-year-old high-school girl. One of the other girls in the class has been receiving e-mail messages from Chisa-chan, and Lain discovers she also has mail from Chisa-chan. In the mail she explains to Lain that she just abandoned her flesh. She assures Lain that she still is alive in the 'wired' world. After getting a new 'navi' and adding a 'psyche' circuit, Lain spends more and more time in the wired. It seems that Lain has at least 2 personalities, and Lain's first personality is changing even now. Who is Lain? Who are the 'knights'? Can the wired influence the real world with a prophecy? Is the real world nothing but a hologram of the information in the wired?
    Lain is definitely not for everyone. It's very eccentric but it certainly has a point and it's accomplished in a rather interesting way if you don't mind watching very cerebral anime. There's little to no action, no comedy, no nothing, except some very serious thought provoking drama. It's bizarre enough to make you watch it at least twice. Check it out.
    LAIN is one of Yoshitoshi ABe's masterpieces...

    Texhnolyze: Lukuss is a forsaken City where despair and violence is widespread. Its sole purpose of existence is mining rafia, a rare material that connects the human body, a necessity to texhnolyzation - manufacturing mechanical limbs.
    There lives Ichise, a boy who carves his life in gamble boxing to live, Ran, a girl who sees the near future and Oonishi Kyogo, the leader of Organo who can hear the "Voice of the Town".
    Lukuss is governed by force by Organo, a battle equipped working class organization. An opposing anti-tehnolyze force is the Citizen Salvation Alliance led by Kalis Makimata. There also exists a gang of texhnolyzed youths proclaiming freedom called Racan. Out of the city live the people of Gabe, a subterranean spiritual community following the words of The Seer.
    The town symbol Obelisk silently watches the delicate balance of Lukuss, for chaos is about to unfold.
    It's a waste of time to recommend this series to “fans of (insert anime series here)” because there literally isn't anything else like it out there on the market right now. This is a radical departure even for Abe, who specializes in unorthodox anime storytelling. It almost belongs more in the foreign film section than with the rest of the anime on the shelf; it's that different. If you're looking for something new or are interested in expanding your horizons, this is a definite purchase for you. It's as close to art as anime gets while still being captivating.

    Air: * Based on an adult visual novel game for the PC by Visual Art's/Key.
    Kunisaki Yukito is a traveller, ever seeking the girl in the sky from a legend passed down in his family. His journey takes him to a small seaside town, where he meets Misuzu, a girl who seems eager to become his friend. A story spanning a thousand years begins to unfold against the background of their peculiar relationship.
    Air is one of the saddest anime ever made, and is one of Key's Masterpieces along with Kanon...

    Clannad after story: Events in After Story take place immediately after the end of the first part, but extends into the next ten years, where Tomoya and Nagisa live together as a family.
    Half The same good comedy seen in the first season, half serious slice of life, Clannad is a tragedy, so if you watch it, prepare to feel very sad, but its is still one of the best in the genre...

    Ef a tale of memories and melodies: Like Clannad, Ef is simply one of the best tales ever told, spiced with some drama, a little of tragedy and lots of romance...

    Hourou Musuko:
    Nitori Shuuichi is a boy who wants to become a girl. He transfers to a new elementary school, and there, meets Takatsuki Yoshino, a tall and attractive young girl. Coincidentally, Yoshino also dreams of becoming the opposite sex. She lets Shuuichi in on a secret that she cross dresses from time to time and visits places far from home. Due to the fact that they share the same secret, they become close. The two are now in middle school. In the midst of a crowd full of new people, the two search for their own paths; all the while facing the troubles and concerns that come along with puberty.
    This is a beautiful story, maybe unique in its presentation and in touching sensible themes of society...

    Kanon:One snowy winter's day...
    I sit on a bench near the station, waiting to meet my cousin Nayuki Minase; it's been seven years since I last saw her.
    This place is far from the town where I was born and lived until yesterday.
    This is where Nayuki lives with her mother, who has offered to take me in, now that I am forced to move so suddenly.
    And this is the town in which my faintest, cloudiest childhood memories are set...
    A young man, Yuuichi Aizawa, gets off a train and leaves the station as he enters a town that is blanketed by snow. He left the area seven years ago and has now returned to his memories that he left behind. Although his past is blurry in his mind, the girls that still remember him and that he had relationships begin to help him remember. While this happens, the bad memories of his past also begin to come back, and will eventually haunt him.
    Kanon is a drama anime, there are many fun moments, sad moments, there are many mysteries and many characters hold a secret, and there's also romance like in any good drama anime...
    Kanon is another of Key's Masterpieces, and while AIR is a warm summer anime, Kanon is cold winter anime, Kanon was also made before and after AIR, there are 2 versions of the same story one from 2002 and the other from 2006, for those who watched both, its hard to tell winch is better...

    Kimi ga Nozomu Eien: Kimi ga Nozomu Eien is the story of Haruka Suzumiya, Takayuki Narumi and Mitsuki Hayase, the tragedy that will happen in the future and the drama the characters will have to live after the tragedy…
    This is probably the title that better defines drama and tragedy on anime, before Clannad it was the best in the genre, but now it shares that place...
    If u are just starting to watch this anime, prepare for a rollercoaster of emotions, once you start watching it you are part of the cast, it feels like you are there sharing those moments with them.

    True tears: Shinichiro is a student living in what would be a dream come true for most high school boys, but for him is mostly a frustration. A well liked girl in school named Hiromi has lived in his house for a year along with his family. Her father was a close friend of the family, and when he died they immediately took her in. She is popular and well liked, always smiles, is talented in sports- but Shinichiro knows there must be tears inside her. Having an artistic tendency, he makes watercolours of her and thinks about wishing to ease her tears. Yet he cannot bring up the nerve to talk to her even in his own home. She, too, is quiet and withdrawn in their house, quite unlike at school. Shinichiro is also distracted by teasing from his friend Nobuse for watching Hiromi from afar, a curse of bad luck from a strange girl named Noe, and being forced to perform Muhiga dancing. By helping Noe he hopes to ease his own problems, yet he seems to have difficulty helping himself.
    While true tears might not be as good as the ones above but its very close, it tels a little different story...
    True tears tells the story of a boy and the three women that love him and while he loves all three differently, he will have to chose only one...
    How can we not be sad whit all that is going on in this small town??

    Claymore: Long ago, Youma, shape changing demons, took human form to live in disguise in human towns, feeding on them in secret.
    A secret, nameless society has discovered a way of implanting Youma flesh into humans to create hybrids powerful enough to defeat the Youma. A hybrid's standard abilities include faster healing, limited shape modification, the ability to detect Youma and other hybrids, and overall enhanced physical prowess allowing them to wield massive claymores, for which they are named: Claymores. For reasons not divulged, only women are selected to be Claymores. They are often chosen for implantation after being the sole survivors of a family attacked by a Youma; this ensures their loyalty and willingness to endure the painful hybridization process.
    The society sends Claymores to towns that can afford their fees to kill Youma. The society is often strict and harsh; Claymores who break the rules risk being hunted down by their fellow warriors.
    The story of Claymore follows the adventures of the beautiful warrior Claire, who fights demons while struggling to hold on to her own humanity.
    Kara No kyoukai\Garden of Sinners : * Based on a novel by Nasu Kinoko, writer for Type-Moon. Kara no Kyoukai plays in a parallel universe to that of Shingetsutan Tsukihime. Considered the precursor/inspiration for the story of Shingetsutan Tsukihime.

    From a long sleep, Ryougi Shiki awoke. As an after effect, she gained the power to perceive the death of things. A power to kill anything with just a knife lures Shiki into a dark world. The murderer from two years ago. Swarm of floating ghosts. A girl who can bend things by just looking at them. A spiral construction which collects people's death. When numerous bizarre incidents collides with Shiki's Mystic Eyes, her lost memories reawaken.

    The main character, Ryougi Shiki, was involved in a car accident and fell into a deep coma for two years. When she finally awoke from it, she had gained the Eyes of Death Perception ability but believed to have lost something instead.

    The Ryougi family attempted to create human beings that exceeded normal humans, and to accomplish this, they trained their children in various martial arts and fencing, and also made them split their personalities. They believed that by using this method, one personality could be an expert in one subject while the other could be a master of other subjects. Shiki was no exception to this, and she had a masculine and feminine side that switched places with each other.

    After having woken up from the accident, Shiki believed that her masculine personality side had died during the accident. Instead she tried to supplement the spiritually dead Shiki's personality by her masculine tone.

    Katanagatari: The legendary swordsmith Shikizaki Kiki made 1000 swords in his career. The more swords a state had, the greater success they had in the wars. When the Shogun emerged victorious, he collected 988 of the swords...but those were just practice.

    The final twelve swords were the pinnacle of his career. Each of them has powers so extraordinary, one man could defeat small armies.

    Shogunate strategist Togame has been ordered to recover them. She first hired a ninja...but the worth of the swords is so great the entire ninja clan defected the moment they recovered one. Then she hired a swordsman...but he kept the sword for himself.

    Her last hope is Shichika, the seventh and last practitioner of the Kyotoryuu -- No Sword School. He and his sister live on an island cut off from civilization -- they have no need for money. His sword school does not use swords -- he would not want the swords for himself.

    So why should he help her?

    "Because you will fall in love with me."

    Kemono no Souja Erin: Kemono no Souja Erin is about a young woman who is drawn into a war between kingdoms.
    10-year-old Erin is a young girl who lives with her mother in the Tai Koh Region in the small Village of Ake. She has a big love for animals, especially the Touda, dragon-like creatures used in the war.
    Her mother Soyon was originally of the Mist People, an ancient clan who have members with green hair and eyes, and is rumored to follow in the ancient ways, practice magic, and hide in the mist. But despite her genealogy, they stay in the village because Erin's late father was the son of the village chief and Soyon is the head Touda doctor.
    One day however a tragedy happens which changes Erin's life forever.
    One way of describing this Story is simply calling it an Epic Masterpiece...
    Erin is a story that will please both children and adults...

    Mushishi: They are neither plants nor animals. They differ from other forms of life such as micro-organisms and fungi. Instead they resemble the primeval body of life and are generally known as "Mushi". Their existence and appearance are unknown to many and only a limited number of humans are aware of them. Ginko is a "Mushi-shi", who travels around to investigate and find out more about the "Mushi". In the process, he also lends a helping hand to people who face problems with supernatural occurrences which may be related to the "Mushi".
    At once deeply human and utterly alien, mystical and earthily secular, Mushi-Shi beckons us—like the closing of second eyelids—to look at the world with new eyes, to go out and revel in the wonder of an eroded stone or the fractal veins of a leaf. It's enough to bring out the hippie in even the most hardened anime veteran. Images—a tidal wave of mushi pouring from girl's empty eye-sockets, a golden summer sky aswarm with flocks of feathery mushi—will haunt the mind's eye; emotions—the tender joy of another's company, the aching pain of loss—will linger in the heart. But the greatest achievement of all is to change, however briefly, our perception of the world around us. It's an end many strive for but few achieve, and Mushi-Shi does so without once allowing the effort to strain its calm, measured rhythm.

    Shakugan no Shana: Sakai Yuuji was a normal student, but one day his normal life was gone. He was assaulted by a monster, Guze no Tomogara.It was a monster which came from another world, and was able to turn humans into light for him to eat. It was a girl with burning hair and red eyes (shakugan = flaming eyes) that saved him, while he was too surprised to move. Then, that girl said to him You don't exist anymore...

    Bakemonogatari:Bakemonogatari centres on Araragi Koyomi, a third year high school student who is almost human again after briefly becoming a vampire. One day, a classmate named Senjougahara Hitagi, who infamously never talks to anyone, falls down the stairs into Koyomi's arms. He discovers that Hitagi weighs next to nothing, in defiance of physics. After being threatened by her, Koyomi offers her help, and introduces her to Oshino Meme, a middle-aged homeless man who helped him stop being a vampire.
    Info: In each chapter of the series, he encounters a different heroine, each involved with a different "apparition". The events of the previous chapters play an important role in the subsequent ones. The series primarily focuses on conversations between characters; it contains a fair number of parodies of other series, as well as Nisio Ishin's trademark wordplay and meta-humour.
    Bakemonogatari is the previous Shaft masterpiece and the most sold ever TV anime for each disk release, it broke all records with each BD, only Shaft new work is proving to be more popular...

    Blood: The Last Vampire:At the Yokota Base in Japan, a nervous American military is on the brink of the Vietnam War. But a greater threat exists within the walls of the heavily-guarded compound: Vampires. A team of top-secret undercover agents learns of these blood-sucking fiends, and dispatches the mysterious Saya to hunt down and destroy them. This beautiful yet dangerous vampire slayer must use her extraordinary abilities and lethal Japanese sword to save the humans from the vampires who fear no sunlight.

    Boogiepop Phantom:A scream in the night, and in that instant the world changed ... or at least, it appeared to.
    The story evolves around a creature called Boogiepop. Boogiepop, also called 'death', hangs out in the city, and whenever you encounter it, she'll take you with her.
    Nagi Kirima, a highschool student, seems to be fighting Boogiepop - or at least, she tries to. But then there are disappearances everywhere, and strange happenings occur. And nobody sees the link between them.
    In a mixture of chaos and thrilling horror Nagi tries to find out what happened ... and why it still hasn't happened to her.
    Despite the fact that Lain and Boogiepop were created by two entirely different groups of people, they share so many similarities in the way they come across that the comparison between the two is inevitable. Quite simply, everything that Lain is, Boogiepop is more. Lain is weird, Boogiepop is absolutely eerie, Lain is confusing, Boogiepop can cause serious headaches, and while Lain had some of the best sound ever in an Anime, Boogiepop makes the best use of sound effects to be ever heard in an Anime. So then, whatever Lain is, Boogiepop is more, but is Boogiepop any good? It all depends on the viewer.

    Demon Prince Enma: Humans believe that they have forever banished the monsters of old along with the night, pushed back into the far reaches by the shining brilliance of the city. But in the absence of real shadows, monsters have simply moved into other shadows. They lurk, not in the blackness of night, but in the darkness of human hearts. Enma, a fire-wielding demon, roams the earth exploring these internal shadows. For it is his job, along with his childhood companion, snow-woman Yuki, to ferret out the monsters who have escaped Hell and either send them back or burn them to ashes with its flames. Murderous dolls or viscious blood-suckers, as Enma gets closer to the demons and the humans possessed by them, others in the city—a police officer and a lady reporter—grow closer to him, and to the truth of his Hell-born mission.
    Review :
    Throw together veteran creator Go Nagai and Elfen Lied director Mamoru Kanbe, and what do you get? For lack of a better example, you get Demon Prince Enma; a solid horror OVA that does interesting things with both, without redefining either.

    Elfen Lied: A monster in the form of a naked red-haired girl breaks free from her cell and wreaks bloody havoc before escaping outside. The next day a pair of college-aged cousins discovers the girl on the beach – but now she's a simpleton lacking any means of communication. Unaware of what she is and not knowing what else to do with her, Yuka and Kohta take the girl they call Nyu (because that's all she can say) home, clothe her, look after her, and even try to protect her when police and armed special forces troops come looking for her. Though Nyu seems harmless enough, the serial killer personality within her still lurks within, occasionally taking control when threats arise. Are Yuka and Kohta safe from her? Is anyone?
    Elfen Lied is an impact title, one of those rare anime which makes such a strong impression that it will, for better or worse, linger in your mind long after you've first seen it. The intensity of the graphic content may make it too extreme for even some mature viewers, but it's a title which should be on the shelf of any otaku with a high tolerance for graphic violence.

    Ghost Hunt: Telling ghost stories is a favorite past time of Mai Taniyama and her friends--that is, until she meets 17 year-old Kazuya Shibuya, the man sent by Shibuya Psychic Research Center to investigate paranormal activity at a supposedly haunted school. When Mai gets caught in a dangerous situation, she is rescued by Kazuya's assistant. Saving her lands the assistant incapacitated, and Kazuya demands that Mai become his assistant, instead...
    Ghost Hunt is probably the best Ghost anime ever made, while it isn't as bloody as elfen lied or violent like higurashi, it certainly has it's charm and it imposes fear on the viewer psychologically, maintaining an high tension most of the time when dealing with the occult and its denizens...

    Gosick:Gosick takes place in 1924 in a small, made-up European country of Saubure. The story centres on Kujou Kazuya, the third son of a Japanese Imperial soldier, who is a transfer student to St. Marguerite Academy, where urban legends and horror stories are all the rage. There he meets Victorique, a mysterious yet beautiful and brilliant girl who never comes to class and spends her days reading the entire content of the library or solving mysteries that even detectives can't solve. The series mostly focuses on Kazuya and Victorique getting involved in different mystery cases and their struggle to solve them, at the same time forming important bonds with different people.
    Fantastic story, hard to find better, fantastic characters, the main character is very strong, and her voice actress did a fantastic job...

    Higurashi no Naku Koro ni :Maebara Keiichi, a young teenager, has recently moved from the city to the rural village of Hinamizawa with his family. He is adjusting quite well to his new life, making friends at the small school, playing games, passing time in relative happiness, when suddenly a gruesome murder occurs...
    A mystery begins to unravel — tracing back to happenings five years ago. As Keiichi learns more about these strange events, he wonders if he will be able to face the truth behind all of this.
    Within the first few seconds of the first episode it will become quite clear that this is something well departed from a pleasant little moe fest, despite the way the rest of that first episode plays out. No, this is a case of moe meets murder, one that unnerves and disturbs much more with its violence and wickedness than with any sexual connotations, one where a perfectly cute-looking girl can turn into a perfectly menacing creature with startling swiftness. Its beginning, the way it transposes cute and evil (with its accompanying bloody violence), and how it bounces back and forth between its thoroughly innocent and grippingly dark content invites comparisons to Elfen Lied, but whereas the latter was a very visceral tale, When They Cry concentrates much more on mystery and psychological effects.

    Kakurenbo:There is a street where no one lives, where ghostly lights flicker in the shadows. It is whispered that children who play hide-and-seek there after dark are kidnapped by demons…and disappear forever. Tonight, a boy named Hikora joins the game in search of his missing sister. Eight children gather. The street lamps flare though no one is there to light them. The game... and the terror... are about to begin!
    A very interesting short movie worth watching by everyone...

    Le portrait de petite Cosette:Cossette, a pretty young blond girl, was murdered in 18th century France by Marcelo, a painter who had fallen in love with her while producing numerous portraits of her. For more than 250 years her spirit lingers in a glass, waiting for a person who would be able to see and fall in love with her, thus providing an avenue for her freedom. Though she is reluctant to take the drastic actions necessary to gain her freedom, since it would mean the suffering and death of one who loves her, she sees her opportunity in Eiri, an antique shop employee who not only can see her but quickly becomes obsessed with her. The spirits of the objects which belonged to Cossette in life sense in Eiri the reborn spirit of Marcelo, however, and respond with great anger, threatening Eiri’s well-being. Can Eiri survive the curse of her objects and find a way to be with Cossette, or will his friends succeed in calling him back from the dream realm into which he is slipping? Does Cossette herself value her freedom enough that she is willing to allow Eiri’s suffering to happen?
    Le Portrait de Petite Cossette is, ultimately, an artsy, stylish supernatural horror story about love and obsession. Its dramatic visuals, exceptional artistry, and sumptuous musical scoring make watching it quite an experience, and the story isn't half bad, either. It is very intensely graphic, so it is not a series for younger viewers or the faint at heart. If Goth-Loli appeals to you, you're a fan of inventive artistry, or you're looking for something quite different in the realm of supernatural tales, then this title is definitely worth a look.

    Madoka: After experiencing a bizarre dream, Madoka Kaname, a kind 14-year old girl, encounters a magical creature named Kyube. Madoka and her friend Sayaka Miki are offered the opportunity of gaining magical powers if they agree to make a contract with the strange little being. He will also grant them one wish, but in exchange they shall risk their lives by accepting the responsibility of fighting witches. Invisible to human eyes, witches are catalysts of despair in the areas they inhabit. An ally of Kyube, a magical girl named Mami Tomoe, befriends and encourages the two girls to accept the contract. For an unknown reason, another magical girl named Homura Akemi is determined to prevent Madoka from accepting the deal. Shaft Latest masterpiece and most popular anime of 2011, nothing is what it seems...

    Shiki: Sotobamura is a small village with around 1300 inhabitants. It is a village which is connected to not even a single highway. An isolated village in which old customs, such as the burial of the dead, are still practised.
    One day, the corpses of 3 people are found. Although Ozaki Toshio, the village's lone doctor, feels uncertain, he treats the deaths as normal occurrences. However, in the days following, the villagers die one after the other.
    Is this mere coincidence, an epidemic, or something else entirely?
    Shiki is one of the best horror anime in recent time, competing with the likes of Elfen Lied or Higurashi, the animation is superb and the music is just perfect for the mood...
    Even when nothing is going on, there is a lot of tension, we cant see it but it can be felt...

    Aoi Hana:Fumi and Akira were close childhood friends until Fumi had to move away. Ten years after losing touch with each other, the two girls meet again as high school freshmen. The two struggle to reconnect after so much has changed, and both deal with the trials and tribulations of high school — sometimes independently and sometimes with each other's help.
    Aoi Hana was a peaceful story colored in a sweet light color, like sweet blue flowers...
    Aoi hana is a very light romance, it doesnt have much comedy but it doesnt have much drama either and there isnt a tragedy in the end that will make you cry, nor is this an harem, instead its a story that develops slowly and without many surprises but that along with an all likable cast is what makes it enjoyable to watch...

    Chobits:In the near future, personal computers take the form of attractive female androids, called Persocons.
    Motosuwa Hideki is a poor student who failed his entrance exams to get into college. So, Hideki is forced to move to the city, get a job, and attend cram school in hopes of passing the next college entrance exam. He would of course also like to own a Persocon, but is way too poor to afford one.
    One day, while returning home, he finds a Persocon in a trash heap. However, his new find does not seem to be like the others he has heard about. She does not seem to have an operating system at all, and only says "Chii". As Hideki learns more about his Persocon (aptly named Chii), he finds out that she is not of any known type, and is most likely some sort of home-made model. He also learns of a urban legend — the Chobits — Persocons with the ability to think for themselves, instead of just running complex programs.
    Find out what happens between Hideki and his new Persocon, as she learns more about her environment, people, and life.
    Chobits proves to be another gem from the creative talent at CLAMP. Focusing on a simple tale of boy meets robot girl, CLAMP has created a charming tale of relationships that is actually deeper than a quick glance will show. The animation, character designs, music, and either voice casts combine to create a strong show that all fans of the romantic comedy genre can enjoy. Chobits is sure to be one of the top hits for this year.

    Emma: A Victorian Romance: At the tail end of the 19th century, in merry old London, a young maid named Emma meets the heir apparent of a bourgeois family on the steps of her master's house. Her master, aging ex-governess Mrs. Stownar, was once young William Jones' tutor, and when he reluctantly comes to visit the testy old lady, he is surprised to be instantly smitten by her lovely maid. Emma, equally smitten, spends their courtship in quiet bliss, only to run smack into the impenetrable social divide between her and his upwardly-mobile family. William's father is determined to marry his eldest son into the nobility—the opportunity for which arises when Eleanor, the naive daughter of a viscount, falls for William. With such an eminently eligible lady at his disposal, no one approves of William's association with “the help,” with the possible exception of Mrs. Stownar and his best friend and rival for Emma's affection, the free-spirited Prince Hakim of India.
    Emma, is a great historical anime set on England and at the same time, it is a very good romance story with great characters...

    Koi Kaze: Koshiro, a professional wedding consultant, has recently been dumped by his girlfriend when he crosses paths with a cute high school girl. Though inappropriate due to their age difference (he's 27, she's 15), he winds up on what passes for a date with her, where he ultimately displays more of his feelings than he had intended. The awkwardness of the situation is heightened tenfold when the two discover that she, Nanoka, is the little sister that Koshiro hasn't seen in more than a decade – and she's moving in with him and his divorced father in order to attend high school! Never a man comfortable with his emotions, Koshiro must struggle to sort out feelings that just won't go away even in light of their status as siblings. And how does Nanoka feel about Koshiro? Could it be that she, too, has feelings for him as well, feelings that transcend their familial status, even despite Koshiro's moody nature?
    I have never watched this anime, although i watched one or two episodes, but i can tell this is one of the best romance anime done up to that date...

    Saishuuheiki Kanojo:The last love song on this little planet: Shuuji and Chise are third year student at a high school in Hokkaido. The shy Chise is finally confessing to Shuuji, and finally two of them are starting to exchange diary awkwardly. One day, Shuuji tried to escape from a sudden enemy air raid on Sapporo. While desperately escaping from the air raid, Shuuji saw a scene that he could not forget for his life. He saw Chise, with a huge weapon looking as if it was part of her hand, shooting the enemy fighters down one by one. Apparently, Chise is the ultimate weapon with destructive power which is important for the war.
    While Saikano might look like your average romance anime, it is as much tragedy as is a good romance, Saikano is a challenging and emotionally wrenching series... Dont let a couple episodes fool you, if you stick to the end you will see by yourself...

    Saiunkoku Monogatar: Shurei is the plucky, level-headed daughter of an impoverished aristocrat in a Chinese-influenced medieval country called Saiunkoku. Her father, a glorified librarian, works at the royal palace and one day is visited by Advisor Sho, an elderly high mucky-muck with a proposition for Shurei. The scent of gold instantly clouds her poverty-stricken mind, leading her to a privileged position...as the king's consort. Her assignment is to get the no-good layabout young ruler of the nation on his feet and ruling like he should be. She goes at it with gusto, only to find a gentle, rather shy young man instead of a spoiled, debauched autocrat. They hit it off well, and King Ryuki, moved by her strength and passion, soon takes a more active role in governance. That's only the beginning though. It seems everyone—her attractive steward Seiran, her easygoing father, and especially Ryuki himself—has secrets, and the palace isn't nearly so safe a place as it first appears.
    Saiunkoku is an interesting and very beautiful story with many great characters and adventures in the country of saiunkoku...

    Tokyo Marble Chocolate: The story revolves around a love story told from the point of view of two young lovers, respectively; that of the young woman named Chizuru, and that of the young man called Yudai.

    The first episode is seen through Chizuru's eyes, and is inspired by Seamo's song Mata Aimasyou ("See You Again"), describing the mixed feelings just before the anticipated separation from the loved one. The second episode follows the story from Yudai's perspective, and is inspired by Sukimaswitch's song Zenryoku Syounen ("Full Powered Boy"), that portrays a young boy who opens up his defensive shell, to finally embrace the future.
    With only 2 episodes, this makes a perfect quick watch for anyone anytime anywhere, you dont need to worry about kids, they will love the little mule, show it to your loved one, show it everyone, im sure they will love the story...

    White Album: Tōya Fuji, a college student is dating a rising idol singer named Yuki Morikawa. There are numerous challenges to the couple's relationship from the other people at Fuji's college, Morikawa's work, and elsewhere.
    This might be an hard watch for some, but it is a very mature romance, and it is a story that rolls on the world of music, it's setting is the eighties and it's got lots of style...

    Redline: The most dangerous and exciting car race in the universe is held only once every five years. And that's tonight. The competitors are lined up at the starting block. In his vehicle, JP, the most daredevil driver on the circuit, is ready for the green light. Female driver Sonoshee, with whom he is secretly in love, is also on the starting line. She will stop at nothing to get on to that podium. In this race, not only is anything possible, but also anything is allowed. In fact, their adversaries have modified their vehicles to equip them with highly destructive weapons; with such participants, it is hardly surprising that Redline is forbidden by the authorities, who will try anything to halt the proceedings. These speed addicts have to put themselves in mortal danger to achieve their aim: eternal glory for those who finally mount the podium.
    There will probably also be some more conservative anime fans that just won't get Redline, that will look at it's unconventional character designs and over the top action sequences and see something they don't consider to be anime. And that's fine, because ironically what will be turning them off is exactly what gives Redline the potential to be a huge cross-over hit – its unique blend of art, music and groundbreaking animation sure to pick up fans from outside the scene, as well as making it potentially one of the most daring and important anime movies for a very, very long time.

    Sources used: ANIDB and ANN

    Places To Go To:

    Watch Anime:
    Anime Viewer
    Fansub TV
    Anime Media
    Anime Junkie
    Hulu - Channel - Anime (have to have a Account to watch most Anime via it being MA)


    Movie Rentals:
    Netflix: this is a US DVD rental Company

    DVD Sale:

    Anime Data Base(s):
    Anime Data base.net

    One Manga
    Manga Trader

    Anime Pulse

    Codec set-up
    CCCP Codec
    CCCP Codec Beta (9/25 are the most recreant)
    *As for the newest CCCP, 4/7b, it allows DXVA to play on any supporting Graphics Card Under Vista and Win 7*

    How To's:
    Changing preferred DirectShow filters in Win7
    Mussel's Guide for getting DXVA to Work in Win7

    Sound Set-up Via Codec pack. CCCP probably one of the best Codec out there, even if it hasn't been updated in over a year. IMHO

    Linux for anime fans

    Thanks Guys/Girls, and welcome to Animation Nation. Hope you enjoy the thread.

    *If anyone think that anything should be changed, added, &/or removed from the OP I'm happy to listen and do so. All ways open to new stuff.*

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  2. Darknova


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    Manchester, United Kingdom

    Because it's so damn cool. Where else can you get big-breasted young girls, big f***-off robots, and character-depth in one place? :p


    Can you guess? Gundam!

    I have every single series apart from G Gundam which sucks royal ass. I love Gundam, and I'm especially liking the current Gundam 00 series.

    Set in a post-fossil fuel future where 99% of the worlds energy comes from a massive solar-energy collector ring set in Earth's orbit.
    There are 3 main factions. The Union. The AEU. and the HRL. All still fighting between each other. So in steps a para-military organisation called Celestial Being with the power of the Gundams to stop war for good, by intervening with force.

    It's definately my favourite series after Gundam Zeta, and definately better than Gundam SEED and sequels, which were still good.

    After that we have G.I.T.S.
    Rockman.EXE (I'm a child, I know :D)
    Digimon Savers

    So far I've stayed pretty main-stream in terms of Anime, but if there are any decent other anime series please, suggest them :D
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  3. das müffin mann

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    i enjoyed ghost in the shell, my bro showed my the movie when i was 10, and that movie was bad ass and so was the sereis
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  4. [I.R.A]_FBi


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    Gundam ... GITS ..Initial D
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  5. Hawk1 New Member

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    The Big Smoke, Canada
    I haven't kept up with the newer anime, but grew up with the old school stuff, so forgive me if this stuff is outdated for most.

    Earliest memories of the daytime shows(in North America) were:
    G-Force (Gatchaman): 5 members of elite space team fight the "evil" empire - each episode is a different story/fight (I have all 105 original japanese/subtitled episodes - only 70 or so made it to NA due to graphic violence/main character deaths that could not be covered up)

    Starblazers (Yamato) Quest for Iscandar series: Earth is bombarded with radiation bombs from another "evil empire" who is making Earth livable for themselvs and everyone lives undergroud. Life on Earth has one year to live unless a group of space adventurers reaches another planet that has a device to reverse the effects - they battle the enemy on the way and is soap opera type where one episode leads into the next.

    Starblazers Comet Empire series: New evil empire is taking over the galaxy and is headed for Earth. Same group from the first series has to investigate and stop them.

    Force five: Five different robot style series: Semi-soap opera series, but different battles each episode for the most part (getter robo G, Grendizer, gaiking (daikumaryu) etc),

    Robotech (Macross) - If you havent seen/heard of this it is a must see - was the breakout anime series that popularized the genre in North America/other parts of the world - led to gundam and other series. Heres the climactic battle. Very soap opera type - you miss one episode you could be lost going on.

    Akira -movie very wierd and hard to describe - just rent it.

    I was probably 7 or 8 when I started watching these shows. What I loved about them were that there were actual stories involved (and good ones at that), instead of the usual bugs/roadrunner shows (don't get me wrong, I enjoyed those as well). The story/depth kept me coming back each day after school for the must see shows.

    While I was young when I was watching the shows, there were certain scenes that would have someone die, but they would cover it up with some bs voiceovers, but even at this age I knew they were BSing the kids. Heres an example:

    Starblazers - Comet Empire: The Sargent went into the Comet (bad guys base) to destroy their defense shield. He plants the bombs and is being shot at from all sides - hits the trigger right in front of the bombs and like a 1/4 of the comet is blown off. The other good guys (the captain etc.) are on their way back to their ship and when they get back to the ship are told he got out just in time: now kids are not morons (at least I hope not), so I think most should of known this was bs and there was no way he could of survived.

    Heres Youtube of the Uncut and cut versions. Oh, and heres the finale's part1 and part2if interested.

    I have some of these on VHS, and some on DVD, some even play on tv still (Robotech - 5-6pm on Space channel - but never home to watch).

    Ah, good memories (yeah quality is crap, but what do you want for late '70's).

    Edit: I didn't get the post your name thing either, but whatever.
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    gotta get in fast, since i have craploads of anime :) as soon as i can, i'll get a list of my favourites and post it here.

    actualyl anyone know of a program that can do a listing for me? its going to be hard to type them all out.... (i have a 500GB drive full of 'favourites')


    First anime i watched was a gundam. me likey robots :D

    Currently watching: (this week alone)

    Rozen Maiden
    Hayate no gotoku
    Shakugan no shana (second season)
    Rental Magica
    one piece

    oh and these are all good for people looking for new anime. i would reccomend them all.
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  7. Mussels

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    P.s why state my name? its obvious who i am :p
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    Johannesburg, South Africa
    Hmm, I'm into allsorts.

    Ergo-Proxy through to Cowboy bebop.

    Got hooked watching it late at night on the Sci-Fi channel. (before they dropped it here:cry:)

    As for the name, look left.:slap:
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  9. Cold Storm

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    In a library somewhere on this earth
    thanks everyone so far,.... i put the name in there because i was trying to make it as fast as possible w/out getting yelled at by using our registers as my own personal computer... thats to late! I can type 30 words a sec. on touchscreen!
    When I get home i'll revise my 1st post.

    @ mussels, just list your all time favorites... i'm in the same boat as you. my netflix account has 300+ dvds waiting to be shiped whenever i send one back.... lol
  10. xfire


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    Why should we state user name?

    Username: xfire
    Reason: Its just awesome the animation, the action the comedy.
    Favourite:Get Backers, Samurai-X, Samurai-7,Detective School Q,Final Fantasy etc.
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  11. Darknova


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    Manchester, United Kingdom
    Can I make a suggestion please?

    When you list your favourite anime, could you please put at least a brief summary of what's it's about as well.

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  12. btarunr

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    Hyderabad, India

    Anime is superior to conventional cartoons because it involves a very simple but effective way of conveying emotions, actions, dialogues of a character. Sure sometimes there is exaggeration in the way a character expresses but that's the thing that makes Anime what it is. It presents the audience a story, a set of characters with greater efficiency than conventional cartoons. It's not easy to draw faces, and Asian cartoonists find putting the big eyes in place of the typical pan-Asian eyes is simply for expressiveness and it adds to the art.

    Dragonball Z ; Beyblade. My heroes: Goku, Rei and Kai.

    There's a TV channel in India known as Animax dedicated to Anime, that's my only source. Beyblade comes on Cartoon Network.
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  13. cooler

    cooler New Member

    Nov 6, 2007
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    i only watch Kaiji at the moment
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  14. Cold Storm

    Cold Storm Battosai

    Oct 7, 2007
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    In a library somewhere on this earth
    for everyone thats been bsing, read what i posted on my second post.... i wrote guidelines while BEING AT work. There will be an revision once i get home....
  15. cooler

    cooler New Member

    Nov 6, 2007
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    some of my fv anime,
    Cromartie High School
    Black Cat
    Samurai Champloo
    Midori no Hibi
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  16. Wile E

    Wile E Power User

    Oct 1, 2006
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    Woot! Sign me up!!!!

    Anyway, I discovered anime in high school. One of my study hall teachers showed Fist of the North Star to us, for no apparent reason. I've been hooked ever since.

    I have too many favs to list them all, so I'll do a shortened list.

    Neon Genesis Evangeleon
    Elfen Lied
    Full Metal Panic!
    Full Metal Alchemist
    Read or Die
    Wolfs Rain
    Witch Hunter Robin
    Kimi Ga Nozumo Eien
    Love Hina

    List goes on and on. As you can see, I like a bit of everything, from action, to lighthearted comedy, to full blown drama.

    The things that I don't own on DVD or get thru netflix, I try to get from good release groups like KAA or AHQ or Thora. There are many others, but I find those groups the ones I end up downloading the most, and it's usually just a coincidence. I look for the highest quality version of a series, and it usually ends up being one of those. lol. I won't post the torrent pages because it would probably be against the rules. lol. PM for questions.
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  17. Cold Storm

    Cold Storm Battosai

    Oct 7, 2007
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    In a library somewhere on this earth
    All right, Like I said, I'm home now and I've added a few things to the first post... so everyone if they can ^^ I would love it..

    Now for me... I was around 10 years old, and flipping through channels one night durning summer break when I came across Akira. I was hooked right there. A darker side of what I thought was a "cartoon" and I just couldn't believe how well done it was. I mean, it was better then any type of movie I've ever seen... And I still think Anime is better then any REAL movie... Just my opinion.
    So after that I started buying up everything I could get my hands on. The first series that I watched was GUYVER. It was by far better then any cartoon that I was watching at the time. Darker, and cool looking. Then from then on I was watching Dragonball Z, and other shows like that.
    Then once I got my job, I was able to buy any and every type of anime I could get my hands on... So once I found out a website called Netflix, I went and sold all my anime for about a grand... I had some good stuff, but i could spend 20 dollars a month for around 10 anime, to 100 or more for the same amount...

    Now for my favorite anime... I'll list my all time so we don't go and have a 20 mile long post...

    1. Final Fantasy 7's Advent Children- The story to me is so deep that I just watch it over and over again..
    2. Rurouni Kenshin (or better known as Samurai X). This is by far the best series out there. It made me want to study all of Japan, and my thought pattern is that of what is written in the "Code of the Samurai".
    3. Full Metal Alchemist- The characters just hooked me. two brothers that just tried to get their mother back but have to pay the price for there mishaps.
    4. Guyver- Its what hooked me. Bio-mech armor that can do anything... Even drew Cold Storm as one...
    5. Escaflowne- Its a beautiful story about a girl that comes to the medevil time to save a kingdom.
    6. Ghost In The Shell-It was by far the best movie that I saw when I was young. Then when the series came out, I was hooked. Just look at my avatar and the words that start up my signature. It tells you all about me..

    Those are just my top Six. I could go on and on... I'm open to anything and everything. I just started to watch Elfen Lied, and Deathnote. While watching the Anime Network in demand shows...
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  18. Cold Storm

    Cold Storm Battosai

    Oct 7, 2007
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    In a library somewhere on this earth

    Every single one you've showed I'ved watched and love... The only one that I got lost on and trying to re watch is Gilgamesh. It was pretty nice watching it, but with so many dvd's in the que on Netflix, I get messed up on where everything is. lol
  19. EviLZeD

    EviLZeD New Member

    Sep 14, 2006
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    i liked dragon ball z but until i watched outlaw star i started to love anime

    my favs are elfen lied, full metal alchemist, outlaw star ofc, deathnote (what an ending) and claymore i do like bleach and naruto but not as much

    i usually find them uploaded on popular video sites sometimes download them from sub sites
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  20. Wile E

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    Oct 1, 2006
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    Gilgamesh is one that you have to pay your undivided attention to. It is hard to follow.

    @everyone - What's your watching preference? Dubbed or Subbed.

    I'm a subtitles man, with a few exceptions. I actually prefer GITS:SAC and BeBop in English dub.

    Also forgot to mention a few important favs.

    BeBop and Crest/Banner of the Stars. Both amazing space series.
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  21. hat

    hat Enthusiast

    Nov 20, 2006
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    Full Metal Alchemist caught my attention... I watched DBZ as a kid but I don't really care for it anymore, Inuyasha was kind of cool but the ending blew nuts, Deathnote kicks ass, and Bleach is cool too, but I have no idea whether it's even done being made yet in Japan, or where the English dub people are with it...
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  22. DOM


    May 30, 2006
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    TX, USA
    are you talking about Bleach ?
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  23. Cold Storm

    Cold Storm Battosai

    Oct 7, 2007
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    In a library somewhere on this earth
    I watch both wile-e. I watch subtitles when i watch a series like Samurai 7, Gun Sword, Samurai Deeper Kyo. Where as if i'ts just a movie that may not have a series like, voices of a distant star, The Place Promised in Our Early Days, then I go for dubbed.
    I really like Makoto Shinkai, but Animatrix I dis liked... don't know why? But I never really could get in it...

    Wile-e I loved Bebop.. the two movies... my god were good!
  24. das müffin mann

    das müffin mann

    Nov 16, 2007
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    ya i prefer gits and bebop dubbed
    bleach doesn't matter for me if its subbed or not
    any body ever watch trigun that was a great one
  25. Cold Storm

    Cold Storm Battosai

    Oct 7, 2007
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    In a library somewhere on this earth
    Trigun was the first series that I owned fully... Loved that series... If you like trigun, try watching Gun Sword.. Same style of anime. Funny one second, then serious the next...
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