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asrock sli32 esata2

Feb 12, 2007
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System Name spuds K8-X2
Processor amd athlon X2 4200+ toledo s939 2794mhz 254x11 1.4 vcore
Motherboard MSI K8N Neo4-F v1.0 (MS-7125) nforce4 sata2 mod, laptop cpu heatpipe copper nb cooler
Cooling akasa evo "blue" + 90mm fan, 2x120mm front, 250mm side, 120mm rear, 120mm in psu, pci slot exhaust.
Memory OCZ Platinum XTC DDR PC3200 4GB(4x1024) @254mhz 3-3-3-8 2T
Video Card(s) sapphire HD3870 512mb GDDR4 vf900cu, several ramsinks on components / nvidia 7300gt 256mb secondary
Storage hitachi 160gb (slightly fried) / hitachi 120gb ATA / Seagate 160gb / 2x ps3 seagate 60gb
Display(s) CTX EX1300F 20" flat CRT, 1280x1024@100hz / 19" benq FP91G X / 19" hanns-g (all free)
Case mesh server/gaming black case, 9x 5.25' drive bays, silvestone auto fan controller
Audio Device(s) onboard realtek alc850 7.1/soundblaster LIVE! ct4780 + kxaudio - sony home theatre surround
Power Supply winpower 650w, system draws around 470-500w under load(+all screens)
Software win7 64bit
Benchmark Scores ~16m trips/sec using mty trip generator. triple monitor gaming using SoftTH. 3840x1024
this is a setup my friend has,

asrock sli32 esata2
amd athlon64 3200 venice core (standard heatsink) @2ghz/10x200 idles at around 37, load not sure,
asus 7300gt 256mb ddr2 (passive cooled)
generic unknown ram 2 x 512mb 3-3-3-7
430w psu (not sure)
2 intake fans 80mm 1 on side, other front,

im just wondering how well these overclock, and if the gfx card can have anything unlocked, im not going to be pushing it cos its not mine, jus trying to "optimise" it a bit lol
also there seems to be an jitter while playing music every so often, the review here showed the board basically had bad sound quality and i wanted to know if thats the jitter problem or its something else,
also using xp home sp2 64bit, should he use 32bit or stay with 64bit, as theres been a few random errors and bsod's now an again,
thanks for any help on this.


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May 30, 2007
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System Name The Box
Processor DualCore AMD Athlon 64 X2 2300MHz (11.5x200) 4400+
Motherboard AsRock N 68-S
Cooling Basic 90mm fans
Memory OCZ XTC Platinum 2GB DDR-2 800 SDRAM
Video Card(s) ATI Saphire x1650 Pro Series
Storage Maxtor 6L300R0 (300GB) Maxtors S (250GB)
Display(s) 19" LCD CTX
Case EYE-T
Audio Device(s) Realtek ALC650 @ Intel 82801DB ICH4 - AC'97 Audio Controller [B-0]
Power Supply 600W colors-IT super quiet
Software Microsoft 7 Ultimate
well spud i sorted the crashing and the major jitter on him computer when we both dismantled it and while examining the board rather closely i found a small hair like object under the sound chip. after gently prizing it out of the chip i noticed it was a paint bristle, my god did it have some static on it, it was going all over the place, i think that the bristle was collecting that much static that it was sometimes causing a circuit error. meaning it was connecting things it shouldn't have resulting in the PC crashing aswell as the prolonged jitter, a small sound jitter appears rarely witch i think your right is due to the mobo itself.