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Assigning Network Adapters


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Jan 23, 2006
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Hi all,

I have Broadband internet working with a Belkin wireless Modem/route with the LAN activated so we can share files though the house no probs. All computers are connected wirelessly.

However, I have 2 computers on my desk that I often transfer large amounts of information to and from. I found it was just too slow to transfer this information via the wireless network so I use a cross over cable and assign IP address on the Local area Network adapter only on these two machines so I can view and share files that way which is faster.

BUT When I view and share files with the computer next to me it still seems to be using the Wireless adapter to-do this which again is noticeably slower.

Is there any way I can assign a network to use a specific adapter?

I relies I could just hard wire the computers to the route but this is not practical as it’s on the other side of the room.

Or I could (Which is what I do at the moment) Disable the wireless which forces it to use my Local area network when I want transfer data.

Sorry if this hard to understand.:respect:
Jul 1, 2005
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hmm.. What you might be good to do is set one to use internet conection sharing through one pc to tunnel the seconds network through that single network connection, then the other pc uses wireless to give it network access?