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Discussion in 'AMD / ATI' started by bngchucky, Nov 4, 2010.

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    Nov 4, 2010
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    If you have been suffering messages such as 'Adapter not Found' and 'ERROR 0FL01' or even 'Invalid Adapter or BIOS Selected' when trying to flash or reflash your Video cards Bios and you are lucky enough to own a PC capable of running more than one PCI-E Video card then this could just be the Guide you've been looking for.

    Required Files
    *HP USB Disk Storage Format Tool
    *USB Boot Files
    http://www.techpowerup.com/downloads/1731/ATIFlash 3.79.html
    *Your Video Cards Bios

    Part 1
    Step 1 Create USB Boot Drive with HP USB Disk Storage Format Tool

    Step 2 Copy all the USB Boot files to the USB Boot Drive (do not overwrite files when prompted)

    Step 3 Copy ATIFlash files USB Boot Drive

    Step 4 Copy new BIOS file to USB BOOT Drive (name it something like bios.bin as you will be using this name in a DOS Prompt later on)
    Part 2
    Step 1 Boot into 'Safe Mode' (by pressing f8 before booting into Windows)

    Step 2 Uninstall ATI Drivers and Associated Software then Reboot
    Step 3 Go to Device Manager 'Display Adapters' and Uninstall (including Software when prompted)

    Step 4 SHUT DOWN your PC (DO NOT REBOOT, if you should so happen to Reboot repeat Step 3 above)
    Part 3
    Step 1 Remove your Video Card from the top PCI-E slot and place it in a different PCI-E slot (this is the step that sets this Guide apart from all the others)

    Step 2 Reboot into your Mobo's Bios

    Step 3 Once in your Mobo's Bios change the first Boot Device to USB-HDD (or your Equivalent setting) then Reboot

    Step 4 At the C:\ Prompt type, atiflash -ai 0 ,this will provide you with proof that your Video Card does infact exist

    Step 5 At the C:\ Prompt type, atiflash -unlockrom 0 , i suggest you do this because some Bios files are infact locked and can't be flashed until unlocked

    Step 6 At the C:\ Prompt type, atiflash -f -p 0 bios.rom , this is when your Bios is actually flashed

    Step 7 Once your Bios has been flashed simply 'Ctrl+Alt+Delete' to restart your PC

    Step 8 Go straight back into your Mobo's Bios and change your first Boot Device back to what it was (probably HDD) then Reboot for the final time and your finished
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