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ATITool Prob or GPU Prob


New Member
May 18, 2006
38 (0.01/day)
Processor e6600 conroe
Motherboard asus p5w dh deluxe
Cooling zalman p9500 led air
Memory corsair xms 2 ddr800 4-4-4-12 2 gig
Video Card(s) radeon x1900xtx
Storage sata seagate barracuda 320 gig
I placed ATItool on my comp the other day and decided to run some artifact scanning. Much to my surprise when this occurred noticeable artifacts starting popping up every few seconds. What really confuses me is that A) The temp of my card was read by atitool as in the 40-50C range which should show no temp problems B) The card is not overclocked at all at this time. and C) ATItool is not detecting these artifacts as errors and just keeps chugging along. My system specs are:

Intel P4 3gig
Intel 865perl mobo
2gig kingston value ram (ugh!)
Asus Radeon x850xtpe

Im baffled, does atitool have some bug i dont know about? Or should i be looking into RMAing this card because it is crap!

Edit: I am currently using the beta version of ATItool but this problem also occurs on the latest stable release