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Bethesda Softworks Announces The Elder Scrolls Online

Discussion in 'News' started by Cristian_25H, May 3, 2012.

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    I am subscribed to SWTOR until July. I bought a 6 month sub because I am both a diehard Star Wars fan, and an old school Bioware fan. This being a game set in the Old Republic was awesome, because I loved the original Xbox game.
    That being said, I play the game.
    Yet that didn't stop me from cancelling my auto-renew. And I am also currently thinking about getting a refund for the the next 60 days of gametime. The game isn't that good, and the servers are empty.

    I saw the initial surge of people re-logging to check out 1.2 and the Rakghoul Plague event.
    I also saw a huge dropoff in player activity soon after, because 1.2 didn't magically fix the game.
    Many, many servers are basically dead during prime time. When you cannot find a group to play with in an MMO, there is something seriously wrong.
    This game isn't even an MMO right now, most servers are empty, basically a single player RPG that you are paying a sub for.
    It is still buggy, they devs are still not communicating with the players.

    EA did the same thing with Warhammer Online (another game I subscribed to) and SWTOR is playing out exactly the same.

    Rushed buggy game wiith high initial sales, massive subscription bleedoff after the 1,3,6 month pre-paid subs run out and then limping along on life support.
    We've seen the 1 and 3 month pattern emerge, now we just need to wait for the 6 month mark, or 7th because they game most of the player base 30 days of free game time.

    Sorry if this is off topic, supposed to be the Elder Scrolls Online.
    I don't really hop from MMO to MMO, but Elder Scrolls is another of my favorite game settings and I would be down to join you guys in your anti-guild guild. :)
    I will warn you ahead of time though, that SKYRIM BELONGS TO THE NORDS!, and all elves will feel the bit of my axe!
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