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BitFenix Reaffirms SuperCharge Technology

Discussion in 'News' started by btarunr, Jun 21, 2012.

  1. btarunr

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    Another innovation from the BitFenix Design Lab, BitFenix SuperCharge Technology offers a convenient and quick way to charge mobile devices right from your PC. Recently, similar solutions introduced by competitors have begun making their way into the market, sometimes with hazardous results. In fact, a recent case led to a wire catching on fire during normal operation. Today, BitFenix is reaffirming SuperCharge technology as a quick, easy and safe way to charge today's mobile devices.


    What separates BitFenix SuperCharge with other competing solutions? First off, BitFenix SuperCharge includes a specially-designed microchip that intelligently manages power regulation. This microchip automatically detects the voltage required by the device and supplies just enough for safe and rapid charging. Without this advanced power regulation, the chance of damage to your system and connected devices greatly increases. Furthermore, with this microchip, BitFenix SuperCharge is fully compliant with Battery Charging Specification 1.2, as well as the power requirements for the International Telecommunications Union's L.1000 recommendation for 2014. All of this equates to a future-proof charging solution for BitFenix users. The second innovation is the use of a SATA power connection. Not only is this easier to connect, but also impossible to connect incorrectly, ensuring a safe charging environment for your mobile devices.

    "BitFenix is known for innovation, and the appearance of similar solutions on the market is a signal that we're on the right track," said David Jarlestedt, BitFenix Product Manager. "However, we hope that products inspired by BitFenix innovations will bring a net positive result to the community, rather than causing inconvenience or even danger to users at home. We're thrilled with the feedback we've received for BitFenix SuperCharge, and caution against the use of charging devices that are not compliant with Battery Charging Specification 1.2. From SofTouch and FyberFlex, to NanoChrome and SuperCharge, BitFenix will continue to bring forth new innovations along with the input of the community."
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    May 29, 2012
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    Most motherboards come with this and they have the advantage of being case agnostic. My Gigabyte X58 board comes with this feature and its usable through the front USB headers on my FT02 case no less.

    I honestly didn't even know it had that capability until I plugged in a device while it was off (intending on turning on my computer to transfer songs to it) when I realized the charging screen activated. :laugh:
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    Sure, all the ports on my EVGA X58 motherboard will charge my phone too! Also, all 4 of my CoolerMaster Storm Scout case ports...

    The difference is that the BitFenix SuperCharge Port supplies up to 2.5 amps of power, which is about 5 times the amount supplied by a typical USB 2.0 port.

    You can buy car chargers for USB devices that put out a higher amp rate than normal as well, look for products labelled as fast-charging or check their amp rating.

    They are nice for situations where the USB device needs to be used while it's being charged because sometimes the usage amp draw is faster than the charge rate of the charger.
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