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[Case Mod] Project M7

Oct 5, 2013
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Welcome to the next project! It's one of two that I want to finish this year. The second will be in the new Cosmos C700P and soon I will also start the thread here on the forum :)

After the 24-hour Nvidia GeForce Garage in Poland, I return to my favorite Phanteks Enthoo Evolv ATX TG. This project is for (and in cooperation with) MSI.


The case will be painted and airbrusher in a "candy red" color. On the front will dominate the MSI dragon in silver / gray style and two stripes. The case will be modded inside to simplify and smooth the style.


▪ Intel i9 7900X
▪ MSI M7 ACK X299
▪ MSI GTX 1080Ti Gaming X
▪ Phanteks Evolv ATX Tempered Glass
▪ Seasonic PRIME PLATINUM 1200
▪ Bitspower water cooling

RAM and SSD are not yet resolved :-D

Here are a couple of photos of the case and HW :) Everything is already home and some progress is already recorded, so very soon ther will be first update :)

here is the current progress:

Oct 5, 2013
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The beginning is always quite clear – take off from the case everything that will be modded or completely out :-D All aluminum parts on this case will be sprayed, the front and top panel on the red + airbrush stripes and MSI dragon and legs of the case on black.

The red color will be exactly this mazda shade. It's such a metallic / candy red color :)

Spraying is carried out in two phases. The first mix comes in red and silver, and then some transparent candy red color is applied.

After the first phase it did not look pretty, I was a little afraid :-D

But the other layer really changed a lot, and the color is exactly what it should be. This is just a quick flash photo.

After finishing the first paint spray, it was time to mod to the interior of the case. Here are some photos of HW from MSI. Motherboard MSI X299 M7 ACK with i9 7900X processor and MSI GAMING X 1080 Ti graphics card :)

This is how case looks with all accessories, covers, etc.

After removing all the unnecessary :-D

The case will be completed with sheets that make the appearance look and hide all unnecessary holes,

But there was a tiny fault a part of the case peeking beneath the plate, which I would probably have to cut out to avoid unnecessary disturbance.

More soon! :))
Jan 3, 2015
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Richmond, VA, USA
System Name lazy ass
Processor Intel i5 7600k 4.2 GHz
Motherboard MSI Enthusiastic Gaming Z270 (Z270 GAMING M3)
Cooling H80i GT V1 liquid cooling
Memory Corsair Vengeance LED 16GB (2x8GB) DDR4 3200 (PC4-25600) Blue LED PC Memory
Video Card(s) Gigabyte AORUS GeForce GTX 1080 8G 11Gbps
Storage seagate 2tb HDD/boot drive SSD Samsung 960 evo M.2
Display(s) ASUS 28inch 4k
Case Corsair Graphite Series 760T
Audio Device(s) mobo
Power Supply EVGA SuperNOVA 750G1 750 watts
Mouse Razer Mamba wireless
Keyboard Razer BlackWidow Chroma Clicky Mechanical Gaming Keyboard
Software Windows 10 home
Benchmark Scores to be updated soon
looking good so far it will give me ideas to see what I want to do to my case soon already found the guy just need some ideas.
Oct 5, 2013
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looking good so far it will give me ideas to see what I want to do to my case soon already found the guy just need some ideas.
Thanks!! :)


After painting both layers of red it was beautiful red. Before the dragon spraying, the red was clear coated (just in case).

Fortunately, the MSI logo has been delivered in the vectors, so cutting the template on the plotter was easy fun :D

First of all, the stripes, seal everything thoroughly and then the silver glitters onto.

Hot stripes :)

Back to the case, I mounted 240 rad of Bitspower and also reservoir with premium aluminum holders - really a piece of art

Whole loop is by Bitspower! Many thanks for the support!. You can see their offer on their eshop and shop there after registration :) http://www.bitspower.com.tw

Blocks, radiators, fittings, expa, pumps, tubes = 100% Bitspower water loop

The loop will be with 240 rad in front and 360 on the top. Both 30 mm thick.

The top rad is from Touchaqua - Bitspower.

Next object of modding was nickel plated Bitspowe Cpu block. Painting it in candy red color.

First, carefully seal to ensure that painted are only those areas that do not come into contact with water.

Vuala. Bitspower Candy red block is here :D

Two more photos with DSLR :)

More next time! :D
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Oct 5, 2013
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I sprayed the sheets inside the case with a filler and then two layers of matt black paint. The sheets are still rubbed and scratched and other layers will be sprayed, but I did not want to work with HW and greasy sheets :D

http://cmdesk.eu/m7/up3/rs780/1.jpg [/ img]

The top 360 rad is a little nut in this case, if you want to see the motherboard pretty well and do not cover the radiator with the fans. That's why I decided to mount it even higher than usual. For sure even through this sheet that I left from the Hex Gear cabinet.


Another very important part of the whole casemod - red screws: D

For PCIE graphics cables I print on a 3D printer cable holder / organizer that will be mounted on the bottom plate and the cables will go through. First but a few measurements where to place the holder :)

Already in the first update, you might notice sources from Seasonic. It's the model PRIME PLATINUM 1200 :)

Exputed from Bitspower Holders still had to pull out due to polishing of the end parts. That "frosted" style, or how to call it, does not fit me

Before polishing

And after polishing

Holders are divided into several parts and assembly is a question of 8 screws and then another 4 on the radiator.

In the meantime, I also sprayed the legs of the case on the matt black and mounted them back.

Cable organizer is already in place :) Just like the sheet on the side, which will not have to be further colored and will remain where it is :)

During these works I managed to solve the RAM and SSD :D More in the next update!