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CD Projekt RED: Witcher 2 360 to get ‘Critical Improvements’ Compared To The PC


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Apr 24, 2011
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In a recent interview with 360 Magazine, CD Projekt RED executive producer, John Mamais spoke about the differences between The Witcher 2 on PC, and the games upcoming release on the Xbox 360. We all know that, in most cases, the PC version of a multi-platform release is usually the “superior version”, however not in the case of The Witcher 2:

360 Magazine: The Witcher 2 is stunning on PC – it also has a high visual fidelity, hence high specifications. How will the 360 hardware cope?

JM: Graphically speaking we are finding clever ways to optimize the game that are providing excellent results. We feel we can deliver a game on Xbox 360 that is comparable to at least the default medium settings on PC (the minimum level of quality of medium pc and often much higher). It will be a process of give and take in regards to post processing features. But given the fact that the 360 is a closed system we will be able to max out the processing power available and provide a very compelling experience when compared not only to the Witcher 2 on PC but all of the latest games on 360.

360 Magazine: The Witcher 2 launched to an overwhelmingly positive reception despite its flaws. Bearing in mind that as a third-person ARPG with 360 controller support (and spectacular console-like boss fights), it’s a natural fit for 360, how much did the reception of the PC game influence a port?

JM: We actually decided to adapt the game to 360 months before finishing the PC version. But releasing the PC game prior to the 360 has really given us some great insight into what gamers would like to see improved in the game, and much of the current design improvements for 360 are actually based on community feedback. It is also important to note that any critical improvements made for the 360 will also be provided back to the PC community in some form or another.

The Witcher 2 is set to be released Q4 2011 on the Xbox 360.
Copy-paste from lensoftruth.com