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Cisco Has Objections to Microsoft's Skype Takeover


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Oct 9, 2007
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Cisco expressed concerns with the EU over Microsoft's takeover of Skype. In 2011, Microsoft clinched a deal which saw it takeover Skype for a staggering US $8.5 billion. Perhaps we're now getting to see just how valuable the acquisition was, as Microsoft is now sitting on some key telecommunication over IP intellectual property that has Cisco concerned that Microsoft could restrict video-conferencing technologies to other companies and impede competition. Interestingly, the European Commission gave a go-ahead to Microsoft during its acquisition, judging that the takeover wouldn't impede competition.

In a blog post by video conferencing head Martin De Beer, Cisco stated that it "does not oppose the merger, but believes the European Commission should have placed conditions that would ensure greater standards-based interoperability." Cisco called for making Microsoft's freshly-acquired IP "open-standards", stating that otherwise, Microsoft could control "the future of video communications". "Making a video-to-video call should be as easy as dialling a phone number," De Beer argued. It's "intellectual-property" when convenient, "open-standard" when not, in the funny world of tech-patents.

Source: BBC
Nov 23, 2010
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So has every normal human being concerned about their safety and security.
The fact that half the time now under "NSA Micro Shaft" 95% more call listen in's / phone tapping is happening, failed calls because of the listen in / phone tapping causing both or 1 pc to lockup and crash.

To test this use peerguardian / peerblock enable the microsoft filter, start a video call, mention a few words of interest and see how Skype locks up when the not needed MS ip's is used by the NSA to phone tap your call.

Yes this in a country USA where warrantless phone tapping is supposedly illegal.
I don't care that someone is listening in on my skype video sex chat calls to my wife but really how does having video sex and national security get together ??