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Classy Cruncher

Mar 24, 2012
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System Name Aldri
Processor (2) Intel Xeon X5680
Motherboard Evga SR-2
Cooling Custom chiller + water
Memory (6) 4GB Samsung "Wonder" RAM
Video Card(s) (7) PNY 750 Ti
Storage (1) Crucial m4 512GB (2) 4TB HDDs
Display(s) Crossover 27Q LED-P
Case Case Labs STH10
Audio Device(s) Asus Xonar Essence One DAC
Power Supply Enermax 1600W + CM V850
Software Windows 8 Pro

Some of you may have been following this build log over at OCN but I decided I'd share it with everyone here :) before I was mining on a test bench and I decided to get away from all the benches and crazy creations people have been using and move everything into a nice looking rig.

Project Classy

The case:

Base Specs

Watercooling Equipment:

  • Undecided Fan Controller
  • Fans in the works ✔
  • Koolance QDCs
Back when mining was really profitable I had this idea of wanting to use an Asus Z9PE-D8 WS and mine on the odd coin that came out and was only available for CPU mining, however that idea has been dropped since mining isn't too interesting anymore. The photos are here for you to enjoy though!

First to go was these pesky things.


Here's how it was looking, although on a shelf instead of the desk

Those Seidon rads fit nicely in the TJ07 top mesh area :)

(2x 120rads, not a 240)

Dat dust

Mounted in the case

Floating like magic!

From below

"Cable Management"

Turns out the other side had to go as well :/

Still not quite sliding all the way in...

Silly fan

Ended up turning the rad around so I could fit the tray all the way in and keep the 92mm fans

Dat TJ07 man mmm

Go big or go home!

And the current state.

Then Enermax sent me an additional PSU:
Dat platinum rating mmm

Platinum for dayz.

Boxes in boxes.

Tiny compared to the ST1500 monster!

I love the texture

And the fan! Nice to see something different.


The sleeve the use is nice and thick.

Dat cable

Stuff that came with it

Swag Stren got me at CES when he met with Enermax :love:


Coffee #1 fuel

The LEPA 1600 cables are even higher quality. Very heavy duty with a thick sleeve on them.

Then lastly after I swapped out the Z9 for an R3BE, to make it a little more "Classier" :)

*Warning* Turns out I have lots of cleaning to do...
Dat TJ07

Yus sir.

Much dust. Many GPUs. Wow.

Black matte tubing mmm

The cord coming out on the right is the second PSU power cable

How will I choose which display output to use D:

PSU 1: Enermax Platimax 600W

PSU 2: LEPA 1600W

If I could have black brushed aluminum children, I would

"If the photo sucks, make it B&W"

Mmm side panel off

Wattup quad

Old school EK, complimented with a crappy photo

Yus sir. That's 7 EK Blocks in one "little" case

Dem Matrix cards man

Favorite block of all time. OF ALL TIME


Hard to get a photo of, but the Platimax is visible from the main chamber


Also not a great photo but shows what I have going on in the 5.25" bay area

SSD mounted on the back, also brushed aluminum

Another shot of the Platimax sticking out, this time from the back

Enjoy :)

Staff: This is my at home personal rig and are all EK products that I personally own/purchased and is not intended to be seen as advertising. If it is then please let me know and I can remove the photos.


WCG-TPU Team All-Star!
Jan 9, 2011
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System Name crunchBox | officeBox | mDonk
Processor Ryzen 1600X @3.7 | i7 4770k @4.3 | i7 4790 @3.8
Motherboard AsRock X370 Taichi | MSI Z87 G45 | MSI H97m G43
Cooling Water | Water | Reeven Justice RC1204
Memory 16GB G Skill Ripjaws V 2800 | G Skill TridentX 8GB 2400 | G Skill Ripjaws 8GB 1600
Video Card(s) GTX 980 SC ACX2.0 | R9 290 | onboard
Storage ADATA SX700 512GB | 850 Evo 250GB | 830 256GB
Display(s) LG 34UC88 & QNIX WX2710 | Shimian Achieva QH270-Lite | TV
Case Fractal Design S | Corsair 900D | IKEA cube
Audio Device(s) Siberia v2 | onboard | onboard
Power Supply SeaSonic 660XP2 | Corsair AX1200 | XFX 550Pro
Mouse Logitech G900 | Corsair M95 | Razer Mamba 2012
Keyboard Das Keyboard 4 Pro | Cougar Attack X3 | Das Keyboard X40
Software Windows 10 Pro | Windows 10 Pro | Windows 10 Pro
I saw Classy Cruncher and thought it was a WCG treat inside ;)

But this thread is an orgy of goodness and beauty! Love it all :respect:


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Apr 11, 2006
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System Name My i7 Beast
Processor Intel Core i7 6800K
Motherboard Asus X99-A II
Cooling Nickel-plated EK Supremacy EVO, D5 with XSPC Bayres & BIX Quad Radiator
Memory 4 x 8GB EVGA SuperSC DDR4-3200
Video Card(s) EVGA 1080 SuperClocked
Storage Samsung 950 Pro 256GB m.2 SSD + 480GB Sandisk storage SSD
Display(s) Three Asus 24" VW246H LCD's
Case Silverstone TJ07
Audio Device(s) Onboard
Power Supply Corsair AX1200
Keyboard Corsair K95
Software Windows 10 x64 Pro
I had a plan to go with a similar setup, then it all fell apart...