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Computer turns off with high CPU load Apps!

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by Vario, Sep 9, 2013.

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    something else might be overheating like the VRM or the chipset?
  2. Vario


    Oct 21, 2005
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    No bro, I was running open case with a fan blowing onto the internals as well. Instant shut down on a cool start machine when you turn p95 on means bad something.

    Its not the PSU for sure, I am running it on my power hungry 120watt pulling phenom 2 with an idling 9800 GT on Intel Burn test and its like a rock (I was strong as I could be...)

    Big nuisance was getting the 8 pin out of the way of the v8 so I could put the strider in. I just put an 8 pin extension I had lying around and I plan to just leave that EPS 8 pin in because I am not dealing with that crap again, had to remove the back fan AND maneuver forceps in there to pull it out.


    Its on the counter because I don't feel like dealing with the wiring. Its having no problem with the Phenom (back to UEFI defaults) and I'll run p95 for 6 hours or so. Then I'll do an Amazon return tomorrow on the itx mobo.

    edit: just passed IBT max ram 10 loop no problem. Running 3dmark06 to stress the GPU's 12v rail. Then I'll run p95 for the 6 hours. This system is way way more power hungry than the woodenboxen so if it passes this then its definitely the mobo.
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