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Control Panel Default Settings


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Nov 17, 2023
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With the option to disable NVContainer ticked on + uninstalling nvidia control panel there is not a single nvidia process running in task manager, which is super nice. I suppose this means that the driver is running with the default settings. I think the preset is on "Best Quality". Is there any possibility one could ever change the default preset in the future?

It says it breaks control panel, if that wasnt the case i could just change the preset and then uninstall. I never tried control Panel post install tbh bc i was sure it would be broken like it says next to the tick box.

edit: could i set up nvidia control panel with the "regular driver" (with nvcontainer) and then reinstall the driver with nvcleanstall (disable nvcontainer but omitting a clean install)? But even then im not sure if the settings persist after uninstalling control panel.
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