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Copper foam cools this crazy Silent Power PC

Mar 26, 2010
7,642 (2.71/day)
Jakarta, Indonesia
System Name micropage7
Processor Intel G4400
Motherboard MSI B150M Bazooka D3
Cooling Stock ( Lapped )
Memory 16 Gb Team Xtreem DDR3
Video Card(s) Nvidia GTX460
Storage Seagate 1 TB, 5oo Gb and SSD A-Data 128 Gb
Display(s) LG 19 inch LCD Wide Screen
Case HP dx6120 MT
Audio Device(s) Stock
Power Supply Be Quiet 600 Watt
Software Windows 7 64-bit
Benchmark Scores Classified
Standard copper heatpipes and heatsinks can be
pretty boring and unoriginal, so the team behind
the new Silent Power PC have resorted to copper
foam to cool their system.
The copper foam sits atop the case like a bushy
patch of hair, transferring heat away from the
internal components using its "micro-circulation"
capabilities. The foam essentially works by
having the air inside it heat to very hot
temperatures, causing it to expand and move to
the outer regions, effectively creating air
circulation. With the copper foam, there's no need
for fan cooling at all, making the PC silent.
The Silent Power is currently being offered as
three systems on a crowdfunding pre-order basis:
if the company reaches its €45,000 target through
pre-orders of their systems, they'll enter
production. Each system differs in RAM (8 or 16
GB) and solid state drive capacity (500 or 1000
GB), while other specifications are fixed.
CPU-wise you get an Intel Core i7-4785T, a
quad-core hyper-threaded part running at 2.2
GHz. There's also an Nvidia GeForce GTX 760
graphics card included, which should make this
system a very capable gaming PC. Unfortunately,
due to the nature of the system's construction
and cooling system, neither part is upgradeable at
this stage.
Other features include a light bar on the case's
front edge, controllable through an ambient light
sensor and included software, plus a movement
sensor that can automatically power the system
on when you sit down at your desk.
The base model Silent Power PC will set you back
€699 (~US$930) for 8 GB of RAM and a 500 GB
SSD, but there's also €769 (~US$1,030), and
€1,159 (~US$1,550) models available if you want
more RAM or storage.

Jun 1, 2006
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System Name max
Processor Ming Mecca
Software Torah
Benchmark Scores 884509627386359275033751967 943067599621731590401694134 434007629683591574337516791 1976157334751953
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