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CORSAIR Hydro X Series XR7 360 Radiator


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Jul 1, 2014
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We continue our coverage of CORSAIR's Hydro X series of custom water-cooling components with a detailed look at the XR7 360 radiator. Partnering with Hardware Labs, CORSAIR aims to have it and the thinner XR5 360 offer extremely compelling heat-dissipation solutions,

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May 31, 2016
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DPR. Donets'k
all EKWB radiators are out of date... they have to update the whole series, or lower the price!


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Jul 1, 2014
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Why there's no EKWB performance results ?
I had tested the EK-Coolstream XE, PE, SE in 480 mm sizes on my website before. This is a new database for 360 mm radiators, and when EK gets new radiators out I will gladly review them here too :)
Jun 19, 2018
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Memory Gskill Trident Z Royal Silver 4600Mhz C18 dual kit F4-4600C18D-16GTRS running at 4400Mhz 16-16-16-34
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Outstanding review from an outstanding reviewer. :)

Wow, Corsair seems to be making very intelligent decisions with this new XR7 series.

Have so many Hardware Labs SR2 Multiports laying around, still believe they have to coolest best looking most industrial aesthetic for a radiator, even though they're more suited for enthusiasts interested in low or no noise water loops.

8 water ports gives so many build options, maybe Corsair will do a multiport. ;)

Again, excellent and thorough review.


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Jun 8, 2011
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Memory G Skill TridentX 3466 non RGB..
Video Card(s) 2 x EVGA GTX 1080 Ti SC Black Edition
Storage Sandisk 120Gb SSD, 2 x 2Tb Sammy 3.5" drives - Need more drives!!
Display(s) 3 x 23" LG IPS panels (can't remember model!!)
Case 10mm thick MDF on plastic risers.. It's kinda a case??
Audio Device(s) Onboard
Power Supply EVGA T2 1200w
Mouse Corsair thingy
Keyboard Corsair thingy
Software Windows 10
Benchmark Scores It's not to bad.. More importantly, it works!!
These are making some good headway in what rads to get for my upcoming build so thank you :)

Always like to find out what's out there.. I don't like just sticking to one thing but the last time I bought anything for water cooling was back in the day of Thermochill rads! :)

Great review as always :)