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Crusader Kings 3 in 2020


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Feb 27, 2006
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Yes, it's happening.

Get yer hype up. I'm hyped up fo sho. And the community is going a bit bananas, the consensus seems to be the only "proper" way for a CK3 to exist is if its a feature complete CK2 with more bits. Also the CK2 Steam page is being raided. I really hate fans of things.

Anyway, it seems the map will be the same as before. I had kinda hoped for a world map, but with the same levem of detail as previous games. Utopian dreams, but there's lots of improvements to be made in the current map. Not much is known yet, but I hope cultures and religions will be dramaticqlly changed so that playing different characters actually provide different experiences. Now a lot of it is just same old but with some tweaks. We'll see though. And I'm torn on how to proceed: Either I do what I do with movies, try to forget about it and not reading a single thing until release. I really like going into things entirely blind to expectations, and I really want to go this route but I'm not sure I'll be able to stay away. The other option is to consume EVERYTHING (as I did with Stellaris) and that worked wonderfully well.

Oh, CK2 is now free to play, but without the 15 major DLCs (and a billion minor DLCs). Don't let the number fool you though, a bunch of them only concerns certain regions/cultures and can safely be ignored if playing what is the core of the game, christian feudal lords. Which kinda is the "problem" with the game (as said above): everything outside that scope is essentially bolted on and is not entirely interesting because it lacks distinction. I hope CK3 will alleviate that and GODS I'm jacked about this.