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Data Projector Modification

Discussion in 'Audio, Video & Home Theater' started by crantanen, Jan 28, 2012.

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    Jan 27, 2012
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    Hey All,

    I am an artist living in Los Angeles and I'm working on a project that
    involves modifying data projectors and I'm looking for some help.
    As it stands the project will probably require a programmer and someone
    to modify the hardware as i don't expect a single person to be able to do both.
    I have included a description below so please let me know or pass this on if you
    know anyone who might be interested. I'm in the Los Angeles Area.


    Project Description:

    Technically, the piece requires that a data projector run through a
    scripted sequence of menu navigation. In finished form, the viewer
    will see a lone projector plugged into the wall with no video or input
    sources. the images projected will merely be the navigation interface
    of the projector: as if someone is searching through the interface
    with a remote although no person or remote is present. All of these
    functions must occur via programing inside the projectors housing.

    The piece must be extremely effortless to install:
    1)plug in projector
    2)turn on with projectors own "on/off" button (program commences)
    3)turn off projector with same "on/off" button (program resets itself
    and can begin again in same manner)

    All physical inputs to the projector should be disabled and unusable.
    Also, all other buttons besides "on/off" should be disabled so there
    is no way for the piece to be disturbed.

    There is no remote and it would be ideal if the RF could be disabled
    as well to avoid any possible interference.

    The program for navigation would be on a small chip inside the
    projectors housing and this chip would interface via the RS-232 port
    (or whatever maintenance port exists) and communicate the navigation
    sequence from this wired connection.

    The projectors CPU should think that each input has an active source
    so that more menu options are available to navigate through. This may
    require that the chip output a video signal that is fed into each
    input on the projector (hopefully, there is a better way to do

    The chip must syphon it's power from the projectors power. The chip
    must turn on and off with the projector. It would be ideal if
    depressing the "on/off" button on the projector housing would turn
    both projector and chip on/off.

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