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DAW, NLE & CAD Drives and Drive Configuration

Aug 17, 2008
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Minnesota, USA
System Name TaichiTig
Processor 6800K @ 4.2GHz
Motherboard ASRock X99 Taichi
Memory 32GB DDR4 3200
Video Card(s) 1060 3GB
Storage 1TB 960 Evo, 1TB 850 Evo, 7x 6TB X300 in DrivePool
Display(s) BenQ PD3200U + Samsung C32HG70
Case Antec Twelve Hundred
Audio Device(s) Behringer UMC404HD, 2x JBL LSR308, Sennheiser HD558, Beyerdynamic DT-1350, Etyomic HF3
Power Supply Corsair 750TX
Mouse Logitech G502
Keyboard Deck Legend
Software Win10
For those of you working with multimedia workstations in a professional or prosumer environment, what configuration of HDDs, SSDs, and RAID do you use? I'm curious about what you use for boot drives, working drives, source and result drives, and if you've done some testing to see what configurations offer which advantages and disadvantages. How much space do you have and how much do you use? It's a pretty open-ended, think-tank style thread and I'd like to hear about what sort of work you do, what software you use, and you're welcome to share other non-storage-oriented details of your workstations.


Pro Indian Modder
Jun 13, 2010
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System Name Biggest Investment | Samsung NP355V5C-S05IN(sold for funds :( )
Processor FX 8320
Motherboard ASRock 990FX Extreme 4
Cooling CM Hyper 212 EVO push:pull+ 1 panaflow 113CFM + 2 x 120mm NZXTs
Memory 2x4GB DDR3 Corsair Vengeance 1600MHz CL9
Video Card(s) Sappghire Pulse RX 580 8GB |
Storage 250GB Samsung EVO860 | 2x 1TB WD10EZEX | WD 500GB Green
Display(s) Dell 2240L
Case NZXT Guardian 921RB(@home) and Antec ASK4000B U3(Current)
Audio Device(s) Logitech Z333
Power Supply Corsair GS600
Mouse Logitech G400, F310, F710
Keyboard Circle RGB gaming shitboard.
Software Windows 10 Professional
Benchmark Scores real men do bench presses not bench marks.
i use autocad and my current system works really fine.

on another note, i saw that autodesk is licensing more and more gaming cards for CAD use.