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Different v-BIOS, Different Overclocking Quality?



I've got a Radeon 9550 128-bit, 128-MB DDR card and I tried to flashed it with different types of Radeon 9600 BIOS..

1. Sapphire 9600 Non-Pro BIOS (Same memory manufacturer, different memory response speeds)
2. Sapphire 9600 Pro BIOS (Underclocked, same memory manufacturer, different memory response speeds)
3. Info-Tek(??) Radeon 9600 Pro BIOS (Underclocked, unknown memory manufacturer and configuration)

With the first BIOS, I've got a little speed gain, but almost un-noticed.. Second BIOS, got GPU artifacts even though underclocked way below default 9550 speeds.. Third BIOS, flashed it, overclocked it beyond other BIOS and get much better frames...

Results (3Dmark2001SE)
Original result (with R9550 BIOS) : ~5300 3Dmarks
Overclocked result (with 3rd R9600P BIOS) : 5877 3Dmarks
Overclocked with 6x AA result (with 3rd R9600P BIOS) : 4373 3Dmarks

After flashing the 3rd BIOS
Max FPS in ATITool : 105.8 FPS
Avg FPS in ATITool : 93 FPS

The default BIOS
Max FPS in ATITool : ~85FPS

So.. any comments?
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pretty cool and lucky if you ask me. played around with different bios versions on my old 9800se quite a bit and got no difference basically in terms of overlcockabilty or performance. just stick with the new bios and be happy with the performace gain.